10 Items Your Porch Will Need this Summer

It’s natural to want to spend a lot more of your time outdoors once the weather starts to warm up in the summer. So, what can you do if your outdoor space isn’t particularly attractive, comfortable, or fun? Rather than sitting on plastic furniture on a bare wooden porch all summer, get a few inexpensive additions to the space that will make it an irresistible hangout spot!


1. Welcome Sign

One of the trends that has been going around with porches is to include a welcome sign somewhere around the entrance. Since porches usually lead straight to the house it can count as a decoration for both!

DIY welcome signs are some of the favorites, especially those made from recycled wood panels. If you’re not the crafting type, you can get something that looks more DIY than store-bought from online crafting shops. Many pre-made welcome signs can also look great on your porch, depending on what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Want to make one? Check this tutorial at Fynesdesigns.

2. Curtains

Privacy can sometimes be a problem when you’re spending a lot of time outside. In addition, outdoor spaces can have issues with excessive brightness, dust, or bugs. A simple outdoor curtain will help you solve the privacy issue while also acting as a good way to block out some of the extra light coming in and a good deal or dust and large bugs.

Curtains can also add a stylish touch to your porch, as you might find some really beautiful curtains available that look fantastic with your existing décor!

3. Swing or Hanging Hammock

There is nothing that says “lazy summer” like sitting in a swinging hammock on a hot afternoon. Hammocks are some of the simplest pieces of furniture to use outside as they take up no floor space, they are easy to mount outdoors, and they are built to withstand the elements. Besides all of that, they’re also insanely comfortable.

4. Flowers

Adding natural design elements to your porch is part of the formula for a winning outdoor space. A hanging pot, vertical garden wall, cute clay flower pots, or a nearby planter feature can make any porch feel much more like home.

Those with a bit of a green thumb can do something more than just a simple flower feature. Instead, you might find it more interactive and exciting to have a vegetable garden on or around your porch. Things like tomatoes and peppers can easily be grown in small planters or flower pots while vines such as peas, squash, cucumbers, and watermelons can all grow around wiring or the wooden rails around your porch.

5. Colorful Cushions

Comfort should be a top priority in any space you want to spend time in, even an outdoor porch. By picking up a few outdoor quality cushions from your local department store you can add a much desired pop of bright color to your porch while also making it a lot easier to spend hours relaxing outside.

Look for any appropriate surfaces that could use a nicely fitted cushion. This might be outdoor chairs, benches, or even a corner of the porch that you want to sit on the floor without having to relax on the wood itself. Think outside the box and you will end up with a comfy place to chill out this summer.

6. Lantern

Lighting is usually a tricky issue for outdoor porches. On the one hand you want lights that actually work, but you also don’t want to attract too many bugs or take away from the beautiful look of your porch. A good solution that solves a lot of this is lantern lighting

No, no oil lanterns that run on a flame, but rustic-styled electric lanterns that can be placed around the porch and moved at your will to change up the areas. They also have a good selection of solar lanterns which look attractive nowadays.

Lanterns are attractive, mobile, and capable of lighting a small space quite efficiently. All of this adds up to you have a great time day or night without any problems of lighting your porch.

7. Weather-proof Rug

Bare wood, concrete, and other surfaces generally used to make porches are not always the most comfortable to walk around on. For this reason a lot of people wear their shoes outside. But, why do that when you can simply cover the uncomfortable surface with an outdoor rug?

Rugs on your porch will not only allow you to lounge around barefoot whenever you want to, they also give you the chance to add a gorgeous feature to your porch.

8. Mini Bar

No outdoor party is complete without a few drinks being passed around. With this in mind, installing a mini bar on your porch can help you facilitate this desire and sip away your summer days or nights. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources or space to install a fully fledged mini bar out on their porch.

One solution that’s gaining a lot of momentum is the rolling cart mini bar. This clever little DIY project makes it possible for you to store your drinks, glasses, and whatnot inside on a rolling cart and wheel it out whenever you have guests or you want to enjoy a drink on your own.

Want to built you own? Check this DIY tutorial from Ana-White.

9. String Lights

Another outdoor lighting solution, string lights not only serve as a great way to minimize bugs while providing much-needed light, they also look absolutely incredible on nearly every porch. Something about string lights makes any outdoor space more comfortable and cozy. It’s easy to feel relaxed and happy when these are hanging around above you.

Giving your porch an incredible atmosphere with string lights is easy and inexpensive

10. Outdoor Speakers

Want to host a better party or enjoy the soft soothing of your favorite summer jams outdoors? Check out a selection of outdoor speakers to get your ears in tune with the fun the rest of you will be having!

Music makes everything better, so why limit your listening to indoors only or headphones? Just make sure that you protect your speakers from the elements and keep them close enough to a plug to be used properly without a hassle to set them up each and every time!

You can invest in wireless bluetooth speakers if you're going to use them often.

Summer is here. Before you know it you’ll be spending a lot of your waking hours outdoors on the porch, if you’re not already! Make sure you take the time to spice up your space a bit so you can find the full enjoyment you deserve while you’re relaxing on your porch.

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