10 Stunning Patio Kitchen Designs

It's the perfect summer afternoon for a get-together, warm and sunny with a comfortable breeze. Your friends are enjoying your outdoor space, but you're stuck inside cooking.

A patio kitchen is a perfect way for you to cook while enjoying the outdoors. Join your friends in the fun while you feed them!

You love to impress your friends, or at least create a space they'll enjoy. How should you design your kitchen?

Today we'll give you 10 ideas for jaw-dropping patio kitchen designs.

Keep reading to find out how to combine design, cooking, and outdoor fun!

1. Seating Galore

You're outside to spend time with your friends and family. Seating gives them a place to land while they chat or eat and keeps them out of your way!

Basic patio furniture provides a place to sit but doesn't fit seamlessly into a design.

A long island counter with bar stools gives you somewhere to prep food and your guests somewhere to sit. The longer, the better for the most amount of seating.

Another versatile seating option is an L-shaped bench. These benches fit in a corner of your patio kitchen to provide seating and storage.

If you're on a tight budget, it's easy to create a DIY L-shaped bench. Place a table in front of it for durable seating with a place to eat.

2. Sheltered Patio Kitchen

Don't let a little rain stop your party! If you live in an area where the weather gets dicey, consider a design with a couple walls and a roof.

outdoor kitchen

Leave at least one side open to enjoy nature. Some extra coverage extends the portion of the year you can use your patio kitchen.

To keep using it into fall, check out our tips to cozy up your patio for the chilly weather.

Keep in mind that if you're grilling under a patio roof, you'll need to install the proper ventilation. A ventilation hood will stop the smoke from annoying your guests or damaging your beautiful outdoor space.

3. Pizza Patio

A pizza party doesn't have to mean calling up the local pizza joint. Bring the fun outside with a pizza patio!

Install a pizza oven as the center piece of your patio kitchen. Channel your inner Italian chef every time you slide a pizza in.

The biggest plus of this feature? It's not limited to when you're hanging outside.

You can use this oven all year long for fresh, delicious pizza.

Check out some of our pizza recipes. Then invite your friends over for an adult version of a pizza party.

4. Earthy Area

When you're outside, do you want to channel your inner earth-child? Enjoy the beauty of nature without limiting yourself to cooking over a fire or eating nuts and berries.

Design your outdoor kitchen with natural stone floors and counters. Use wooden elements for softer accents.

For that real, natural touch, work with your landscaping in this design. Plant accent flowers, trees, and bushes around your kitchen to invite mother nature in!

Just be careful that you're not letting dry leaves and such too close to your hot appliances. Fire isn't the element you want to channel here!

5. Tiki Time

Missing your tropical vacation? Bring the tropical vibes to your kitchen with a tiki theme!

Feature a bar in your kitchen design, complete with a sink and a fridge to keep your drinks cool. Add a tiki-hut umbrella or roof to your bar or seating to channel tiki vibes.

To keep the air moving on hot days, install a palm-frond fan under your patio roof. Add a water feature fountain to remind you of the ocean.

You can find it on Amazon.

Bonus points if you keep a stash of little umbrellas on hand for the drinks!

6. U-Shaped Layout

Your theme makes the kitchen look beautiful, but the layout is key for a useful design. Choose the layout that will make your kitchen the most functional for the most fun.

A U-shaped layout provides plenty of space for multiple cooks to move around in your kitchen. It wraps around three sides of your patio while leaving one side open.

Place different appliances on each side of the U for the best functionality. One person can grill in one area while another preps a salad.

Get more people involved in the prep while leaving space for the others to chat!

7. Seamless

You'll use your patio kitchen to enjoy your outdoor space, so you should seamlessly incorporate it into that space.

Choose a material for the "floor" of your kitchen that you can continue out into an extended patio. Get extra stone tile or wood and continue it out past the kitchen.

With that seamless design, your outdoor areas will fit together visually. That way, guests can hang out by the fire pit or the grill and not feel like they're in different locations.

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8. Weather-Proof

You have to consider the weather in your area for your patio kitchen design. Choose materials that can hold up to your weather.

For example, stainless steel holds up well against the rains of the Pacific Northwest. However, a porous stone wouldn't go damage-free in all of that water.

To stay stunning, your kitchen has to stay in good shape.

9. Pool-Side Snacks

Just like you don't want to be away from the action while everyone is outside, you don't want to be far away while they're all in the pool.

Design your layout to wrap around part of your pool or sit right next to it. Then, you can easily interact with those swimming while you cook.

Even if no one's swimming, a water feature next to your kitchen is gorgeous. Enjoy the calming ripples of the water while you grill up a steak.

10. Chef's Dream

Don't forget about the actual cooking in your outdoor kitchen. Appliances can bring a stunning visual impact just like other design elements.

Pack your outdoor kitchen with the fancy appliances of your dreams. Include a grill and gas burners for versatile cooking.

patio kitchen

Add a fridge so you don't have to run inside for ingredients. Include a dishwasher to stay outside for cleanup, too.

If you want to get really fancy, get a warming drawer to keep things warm while you finish up the cooking.

For those who don't care about fancy stonework or water features, your kitchen appliances can supply an impressive visual impact.

Enjoy the Joys of Entertaining!

The days of slaving away in the kitchen while your guests enjoy your backyard are over. Bring your cooking talent to the outdoors with a stunning patio kitchen!

Whether you choose something theme-heavy, like a tiki area, or food-focused, like a bunch of appliances, your outdoor kitchen will pack a stunning impact.

If you have any questions on how to create the perfect patio, shoot them our way.

Which of these design tips do you want to use? What features do you want in your patio kitchen?

Leave a comment to let us know!

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