11 Pressure Washer Safety Rules you Should Know

Pressure washers are very powerful machines and should always be used with extreme care. Not following the safety instructions could lead to serious injury to yourself or others. The use of electric pressure washers could lead to electrocution if not operated properly.  Always follow these 11 pressure washer safety rules.


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Your pressure washer will come with a manual which contains instructions on how to use your power washer safely. Read carefuly these instructions and follow them. Be sure to be familiar with the control panel of your pressure washer. You need to know how to turn it off in case of an emergency. 


You should always use appropriate cothing when your are pressure washing. Always use eye protection googles as the pressurized water can dislodge small debris which will fly at high velocity. Never use your pressure washer in bare feet or sandals. Wear rubber boots. If you are using a gas-powered washer, you should wear hearing protection as they are very noisy. 


Never, never, never let children use a pressure washer. If they are nearby, make sure they are being properly supervised. 


Wet floor tend to be slippery. The use of detergent could make the situation even more dangerous. Always watch your footing and balance when using a pressure washer.


Water and electricity don't mix well and you sould always be careful when using an electric pressure washer. Never use an extension cord as it will decrease the effectiveness of the GFCI. Never spray with water an electrical outlet. You should inspect the power cord before each use and not use it if it's damaged. Electric shock can occur if the safety instructions are not followed.


Never spray with water flammable liquids or combustible of any kind. 


The spray of a pressure washer is strong enough to cause wounds and injuries. Never put any part of your body in the sream. Never point the water jet to people or objects. Make sure the spray gun is pointing in a safe direction when you begin and end a session.

Hold the spray gun with two hands when pulling the trigger for the first time until you get used to the 'kick back' effect. Always use the trigger safely lock when you are not using the washer. At the end of a session, when the power washer has been turned off, pull the trigger to discharge the remaining pressure.


Only use detergent specifically designed for pressure washers. Detergents can be dangerous and irritating. Always protect your eyes, lungs ans skin when using them. 


Gasoline engine fumes can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and should never be used indoors.


Never use a pressure washer when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It would be extremely dangerous.


You should perform the maintenance of your pressure washer as described in the manual's instructions. A pressure washer well-maintained is safer.

As well as the electrical cord, you should inspect the hose regularly. A damaged hose must be changed as it cannot be repaired. Always allow the unit to cool down before storing it away.

A few more words

Pressure washers are awesome tools that'll let you clean so many things around your home.

​But, as we just saw, power washers can be dangerous if not used carefully. Always follow the 11 safety rules listed in this article and you will decrease the risk of injuring yourself or others.

We recommend using a trusted pressure washer brand. To see our selection of best pressure washers for residential use, read this article.

If you have found these pressure washer safety rules useful, feel free to share them with your friends. 


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    Domonick Spiller

    (August 15, 2016 - 10:48 pm)

    What a great read. Im going use this when training my oncoming crew. You did a nice job of out lining all the possible dangers a nice little DIY safety guide to. Lots of people don’t think these pressure washing machines cant physically harm but o boy can they.


      (August 21, 2016 - 1:25 am)

      Thanks Domonick, I added a infographic if you want to print it 🙂


    (April 13, 2017 - 10:49 am)

    Safety is very important but so is having fun. I have been using pressure washers for a number of years. Started off cleaning the outside of the property and even used them on the car! Also, very useful in the Spring to clear away all the Winter debris that has accumulated.

    Kylie Dotts

    (June 12, 2017 - 5:39 pm)

    I thought it was good advice to use two hands until you have really gotten a hang of using the pressure washer. It sounds like pressure washing is a great way to get off hard to remove stains and other kinds of gunk which would give different parts of your house a lot more life and time to be useful. I think my husband and I will have to see if there is any pressure washing equipment for sale nearby.


      (June 13, 2017 - 1:24 am)

      Yes it’s a good investment, go for it!

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