12 Delicious Pizza Recipes To Impress Your Friends This Summer

With 3 billion sold annually in the US alone, it's fair to say pizzas are probably one of the most popular food in America.

The reasons they will never go out of fashion are:

- easy to buy, make or eat.

- cheap

- infinite choices of toppings

- most people love them

Like a lot of food, the latest trend is to make them yourself. There's nothing like a homemade pizza, right?

The backyard hasn't escaped this trend, and many manufacturers have designed outside pizza ovens especially.

In this article, we are going to reveal our 12 favorite pizza recipes of all time.


1. Margherita Pizza

If you're after an easy pizza recipe, the Margherita pizza is a good bet. It's loved by all for its simplicity and is always a hit with children.

The story says it was named after the Queen Margherita of Savoy during a trip to Naples. This story is a bit controversial and you can read more about it here.

The story goes on to say that chef Raffaele Esposito of Pizzeria Brandi created a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil).

The legend was born.

The recipe we selected is from ItalyMagazine and you will find the full recipe here.

2. Chicken Pizza Recipe

Chicken is a popular topping for pizza, mostly because it marries itself well with a variety of ingredients and sauces.

Most people like chicken, including children so you can safely add it to the menu of your next party.

The one we selected is from Sally, which runs our favorite food website, and will have your guests raving for the rest of the summer!

You will find the full recipe here. And while you're there, sign up to Sally's website to receive yummy recipes in your inbox.

3. Beef Pizza Recipe

Beef is a good topping for pizza as it doesn't go dry as other meats can.

That said, it's not to everybody's liking so make sure you have another option available if you have guests.

And of course, not all beef pizza recipes are made equals.

The one we selected is from Thas and is really to die for!

Check it out here.

4. Ham Pizza Recipe

Ham is another favorite when it comes to pizza toppings.

You can mix it with practically anything, from the famous pineapple to mushrooms and whatever else you happen to have in your fridge.

It's ideal for an impromptu dinner with friends, but it can also make a sophisticated pizza for a party.

The one we selected is the latest of course, and will earn you some Brownie points with your loved ones.

Find the full recipe here.

5. Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Pepperoni is THE top topping for pizza. 252 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed every year from pizza. If you don't believe us, you can check the statistics here.

Pepperoni has the advantage of being juicy, and it gives the pizza a distinct taste, which is loved by most people.

Pepperoni can be mixed with vegetables or meat alike and will add flavor to any pizza.

The one we selected comes with only cheese and Italian seasoning and it's just perfect.

You can find the full recipe at OhSweetBasil website.

6. Cheese Pizza Recipe

Let me confess something; cheese pizzas are my guilty pleasure. I'm sure I order a cheese pizza 8 times out of 10. I'm assuming entirely.

Cheese pizzas are a great alternative for vegetarians and children.

You can use any cheese you have around. Trust me on that one. Avoid strong cheese if it's for children or people you don't know well.

The recipe we selected is yummy, but you can adapt it to your own taste. You can find it here.

7. Healthy Pizza Recipes

Now if you prefer something a little lighter, we found a perfectly healthy pizza recipe for you. Yes, we are nice like this.

It's not that difficult to make a healthy pizza using vegetables and going easy on the cheese. The one we selected amounts to 479 calories, which is pretty good for a pizza, right?

Of course, you can create your own healthy pizza if you're into this kind of things. But please, don't invite me for dinner.

You will find the full recipe at the BBC Good Food blog.

8. White Pizza Recipe

I do understand that technically speaking, this is another cheese pizza. Some would say it's THE cheese pizza. Anyway, it's definitely going on my list. Get over it.

This recipe can be made with extra mozzarella if you want to. You'll find the recipe at Seroius Eats.

9. Gourmet Pizza Recipes

It's easy to take your pizza to the next level by adding some gourmet ingredients.

Smoked salmon, pumpkin, roasted duck or even foie gras, your imagination is the only limit here.

The one we selected comes with asparagus and goat cheese and will leave you wanting more!

Find the full recipe at Epicurious.

10. Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is also the perfect food for these lazy Sunday mornings, especially if you had a party the day before!

Kids love it and so will you.

The traditional ingredients are bacon and eggs of course, but feel free to experiment with sausages or anything you like really.

The one we selected takes only 15 minutes preparation time which is perfect.

You can see the full recipe here.

11. Dessert Pizza

Dessert pizzas are not recommended if you are on a diet. They can get a bit heavy.

Again, you can be as extravagant as you wish and you can go over the top and indulge your guests.

Any toppings will do.

The one we selected is called the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza. Do we need to say more?

Head over to Brit.co to find the recipe and more ideas.

12. Fruit Pizza Recipe

Fruit pizzas are like dessert pizzas, but lighter.

You can choose any fruit you like, and it makes for a colorful way to end a meal.

It's better to use fresh fruit when they are in season, but you could also use canned fruit if you have nothing else.

The one we have selected is from Betty Crocker and is delicious.

The full recipe can be found here.

Time to make a pie

Now it's time to make a decision and to start cooking a delicious pizza!

We hope our article will give you some ideas but remember there are no rules when making a pizza. You can customize them as much or as little as you wish.

If you're planning to make one of the recipes above, let us know how it goes!

Whichever you choose, make it fun and ask the kids to participate. They will love it.

Buon appetito!

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