15 Original Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Patio-Loving Dad

With Father's Day looming closer, we decided to help you find the perfect gift for your dad. If he likes chilling around on the patio or if he's the king of DIY, we have something that he will love. From DIY gifts to more luxurious treats, discover what we have selected for your dad.



1) DIY Gifts for low budget


If your budget is low, you can still DIY an amazing gift for your dad. A little imagination and a lot of love will go a long way to make your dad happy on his special day.

Check out these 50 incredible DIY ideas from DIY&Crafts.


2) Gifts under $50

The Family Handyman

Get your dad a suscription to the Family Handyman magazine for a year. If he's the reading kind, he will enjoy their handy tips and step-by-step instructions for tackling all the home improvement projects he has.

Perfect for your DIY dad!

Klein Voltage Tester with Flashlight

This little voltage tester with flashlight can work in dark areas and will be an useful tool to have at home. It can sense the strenght of the voltage and has a visual LED bar graph.

Ok, that's not very glamorous, but it's practical!

Grillaholics Grill Tools Set

This 4-piece set grill tools will make your dad happy the whole summer. These premium stainless-steel accessories come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for a lifetime. 

If your dad is a barbecue lover and your budget is tight, this is a good option and it will make him smile.

Stylish Electric Wine Opener

If your dad is a wine lover, this elegant electric wine opener is a great and inexpensive gift. It's cordless and open a bottle of wine in seconds. 

Why not add a little sophisfication to the upcoming summer parties?


3) Gifts under $100

RotoZip Tools 

If your dad is a DIY dad, this RotoZip tool is sure to make him happy. He will be able to saw around any shape without making a mess.

This is an amazing tool for a DIY lover.

Chamberlain Remote Garage Door Controller

If your dad loves gadget, he will love this garage door controller that lets you open the garage door from your smartphone and works with your home WI-FI.

Why not make his life easier?

GrillBot - Automatic Grill Cleaner

Most people love barbecues but not so many like cleaning the grill afterwards. The GrillBot will clean the grill automatically and can be wash in the dishwasher.

You can make the grilling season even more enjoyable for your dad!

Ivation Remote Grill Cooker Thermometer

Another useful tool for the summer is this digital grill thermometer that can be monitor food up to 325' away. 

Thanks to this thermometer, the meat will always be cooked just the right way. Perfect for barbecue lovers.


3) Gifts under $200

Black & Decker Portable Workmate

Another gift for the DIY dads, this portable workmate has a host of helpful features that makes it flexible and stable.

Perfect for DIY dads.

Ryobi Super Combo Kit

The Super Combo Kit from Ryobi is a great gift for DIY dads. The reviews for the Ryobi products are fantastic and you will make your dad happy for a very long time.

Get the best tools for your dad!

SainSonic Levitation Speaker

If your dad loves music, this levitation wireless speaker is sure to delight him.  It can play music from a smartphone of a tablet with a bluetooth connection. And it's levitating.

Make the summer parties awesome this year!


4) Gifts under $300

Best Choice Hanging Chaise Lounger

If your dad likes reading and relaxing in the patio, this hanging chaise lounger is the perfect gift. It's very comfortable and users absolutely love it.

Perfect to chill out in the patio.


5) Gifts over $300

Weber Smokey Mountain

The Weber Smokey Mountain is the most popular little smoker in the market. It's perfect if your dad loves barbecue and doesn't have a smoker yet.

With Weber, you are sure to make your dad very happy.

EdgeStar Beer Server and Cooler

If your dad is a beer lover, this full-size beer tap and cooler is sure to make him delighted. And probably his friends too.

What could be better than your own beer tap for the summer?


We hope you have enjoy our selection of Father's Day gifts and that it will have given you a little inspiration. As we have seen, you can make your dad happy without spending too much.

Don't forget to tell him 'I love you'!

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