19 Thrilling Outdoor Decor Ideas to Haunt this Halloween

For most of us, the air is turning crisper, the leaves are yellow and gently falling to the ground. Which can only mean one thing, that Halloween is right around the corner!

You have your costume all set, and the candy ready to go for trick-or-treaters, but have you decorated your porch, patio or other outdoor space for Halloween? If you are looking for inspiration to “spook up” your outdoor living space, check out our list of 18 spooky outdoor Halloween ideas!


The classic jack o’lantern is an iconic way to decorate your outdoor space for Halloween. Now matter how you choose to decorate your porch or patio this Halloween, you will probably have at least one jack o'lantern.

While it does take a bit of time and effort to create your traditional jack o’lantern, it simply isn’t Halloween without one! You don’t have to let your hard work go to waste, simply follow these 5 tips for creating a jack o’lantern that will last.

1. Clean it. Be sure to scrape out all the pumpkin guts. The cleaner and drier the interior of the pumpkin, the slower it will decompose.

2. Use Peppermint Soap. Dilute peppermint castile soap with water, and lightly spray the inside of your pumpkin. Peppermint is anti-fungal and will delay the rotting process.

3. Refrigerate. Especially if it is still warm in your area, consider refrigerating at night. Spray with your castille soap mixture, place in a large bag, (like a trash bag), and place in the refrigerator. This will help re-hydrate your masterpiece overnight.

4. Soak Them. If you notice that your jack o’lantern are looking a bit wilted, soak them in a large tub overnight to rehydrate.

5. Use a Fly Trap. Pumpkins, like any produce in your home, will attract fruit flies. Check out this all-natural DIY fly-trap to keep your jack o'lantern and your home fruit fly free!

Now let's look at awesome Halloween decoration ideas!

1. Bonfire Jack O'Lanterns

Kick-off your Halloween decor with a twist by transforming ordinary pumpkins into fiery works of art! If you don’t want to have a real fire, add these jack o’lanterns to your fire pit to create the effect of a bonfire. Top with a spooky cauldron and a bit of homemade fog for a frighteningly good time.

To get more pumpkin carving ideas, visit GraffBayCityBlog.

2. Spooky Skeleton Hands

Made with simple latex gloves and a sharpie, light the path to your door with these illuminated skeleton hands. Place around your patio and in windows for a ghoulish welcome!

You will find the instructions at TarynWilliford.com.

3. Ghostly Leaf Bag

These fun ghosts serve a dual purpose; they will liven up your yard and help you tackle your weekend to-do list. Since your yard is full of leaves around this time of year, and likely leaf-raking is already on your weekend chore list, why not turn it into a ghostly fun activity? You can draw on your own spooky faces with a sharpie marker, or use pre-made ones.

See how you can make them yourself at OurEverydayArt.com.

4. Black Cats O'Lanterns

No carving required! These cat o'lanterns are a fun twist on traditional jack o'lanterns, without the work of scooping the seeds out. Simply paint your pumpkins black, and add orange cardstock eyes and black ears. Place them around your yard or hide them behind trees and bushes where black cats are likely to lurk.

For the instructions, head to Sunset.com.

5. Skeletal Flamingos

If you live somewhere warm and sunny, these next two ideas are perfect for you!

With a little spray paint and imagination, you can turn your iconic pink flamingos into spooky birds of the night!

Find more skeleton ideas at HelpfulHomemade.com.

6. Spooky Eyeball Wreath

All eyes on you! Your neighbors and trick or treaters are sure to notice this eye-catching wreath. Made of spray painted ping pong balls and googly-eyes, opt to leave them white for a more realistic look.

To see the instructions, go to ILoveToCreate.com.

7. "Nevermore" Entryway

If you are looking for Halloween decor that is a little more subtle, try these stylish matte black and white pumpkins. The addition of black ravens adds an uneasy thrill to this non-traditional Halloween decor.

See more at CreateCraftLove.com.

8. Zombie Barbies

If the Walking Dead has taught us anything- don’t underestimate zombies… especially Barbie zombies! This project is a bit more time intensive- but the results are well worth it. Most of us find old dolls to be a bit unsettling anyway, so imagine the shrieks of delight (and horror!) from your guests as they stumble upon this small army of zombie Barbies. Score a box of used dolls at your local garage sale or on Ebay.

You will find the instructions at CraftsByAmanda.com.

9. Mummy Door

This delightful door is easy, cheap and fun! Simply wrap your door with inexpensive white streamers, and make two eyeballs out of construction paper. Even the smallest trick-or-treater will enjoy this silly mummified door.

Find out how you can make the same one at home: HoneyAndFitz.com

10. Monster Doorway

Check out GoodToKnow.co.uk for more monster inspired ideas!

11. Rodent Hotel

There aren’t many things that give us all the shivers- but squeaky rodents are definitely one of them! These rodent infested pumpkins are sure to have your guests squealing in fright.

Image Source: Shelterness.com.

12. It's a (Halloween) party!

If you want your space to be more chic than spooky, these paper lanterns in black, gray and white will make your porch or entryway an inviting space that shows off your Halloween style! Add foam or paper black bats, and pumpkins in coordinating colors to complete the look.

See more ideas at bhg.com.

13. Lawn Ghosts

Ghosts just wanna have fun… especially at Halloween! These festive dancing lawn ghosts will haunt your lawn or patio and have your guests wishing to join in on the Halloween fun. Set them around a tree or your backyard firepit for an extra spooky time!

More DIY ideas at Listotic.com.

14. Glowing Eyes

Do you ever have that creepy feeling that something is… watching you? Give your guests the creeps with this super simple and spine-tingling project! Hide your haunting eyes in trees, bushes and shrubs- maybe in unexpected places around your neighborhood!

You'll find the instructions at Rust&Sunshine.com.

15. Eyeballs in a Tree

This goofy decor will have your guests in stitches. Using a fat black sharpie, draw eyeballs on two white beach balls. Attach clear fishing line or twine with clear packing tape, and hang your eyeballs in a nearby friendly (or haunted!) tree. This craft can range from goofy, or you could pencil in more sinister looking eyes… perhaps a cyclops… or a three-eyed monster?!

Find out how it's done at princessandthefrogblog.com.

16. Gourd Ghosts

These gourds are hauntingly fun! A fun way to transition all the fall gourds into Halloween decor. Be sure to scrub the gourds clean before you paint them white. Then add spooky or silly faces with a sharpie marker. Cover with a sheet of gauze, these ghostly gourds are a perfect addition to mix with your traditional jack o'lanterns.

To make them yourself, visit houseofhawthornes.com.

17. Monster House

Resurrect your artistic skills and transform your house into a monster! Trick-or-treaters will be sure to cautiously approach your house! Bring your house to life with this spooktacular tutorial.

You'll find the step-by-step instructions at Craftibilities.com.

18. Haunting Silouhettes

These haunting silhouettes are a spooky way to welcome your guests! All you need is a bit of cardboard painted black- cut into fun and haunting shapes. The addition of orange lights will enhance the effect.

Find out more at Shelterness.com.

19. Scaling Skeletons

This bone-chilling decor will thrill no matter mid-day or night! Use inexpensive plastic skeletons to transform your house into a haunted den. You are sure to be the talk of the town with this frightening decor!

You can download the instructions at Instructables.com.

20. Bonus : How to make a spooky fog!

Now that your have your decor set, enhance the mood with a bit of spooky fog! This fog will transform any porch or patio into a creepy and haunted space!

See the instructions at teediddlydee.com.

Hopefully we’ve “spooked” your imagination with ideas on how to decorate your outdoor space for Halloween. With a little time and imagination, you can create outdoor Halloween decor sure to THRILL your guests!

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