5 Easy Ways to Throw a Fall Party in your Backyard

Look all around, and there is no doubt that Fall has arrived! Colors are changing to impress the cool and calm nature that the season brings, but most of all, many prepare to say goodbye to the warm days of summer and what better way to do this than to throw a fabulous Fall party in your very own backyard!


Everyone migrates indoors when the weather gets cold, but Fall is the perfect time to share a few laughs and lots of fun with friends and family before winter sets-in. Fall is that time of year that many people begin to think of harvest festivals and holiday cheer. The mood is delightful and the ambiance elegantly inspires a celebration that is enhanced with food, fun, friends and family and of course, Fall.

Backyard parties are a blast, but they are even better in the Fall and we have a few tips to help you embrace the season with a bang!

Let’s celebrate the fabulousness of Fall!

1. The Party Scene

Make it a Fall affair for the entire family by including people of all ages. This is perfect in that it eliminates the excuses because no one needs a babysitter when the kids are invited also.

Take a close look at the backyard to make certain it can adequately accommodate a backyard party with multiple guests. Be certain that it is free of all dangerous debris, holes or other areas that may cause harm or injury. Once this detail is addressed, it’s time to set the stage for a fall frenzy of fun.

Get creative as you prepare your backyard for the Fall affair of the year with these great ideas for your backyard from HGTV.com:

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You will find that decorating for your backyard Fall party will be the easiest decorating you could ever do because the natural elements of the season, provide much of the décor you will need.

Centerpieces can be easily designed with the fallen yellow, red, orange and red leaves that are all over the ground. Fall is the season of harvest and hay, pumpkins, wood chips, branches and pine cones are easy to find and make great accents for party decor.

It is a great idea to have fire pits in the area, safely guarded to prevent accidents of course. Consider that the late evenings and nights will be cooler and add blankets and throws to the seating areas for guests to use if they become cool. Make sure to carry out the Fall color theme in the designs and patterns of the blankets also.

​Read this article to make sure the essentials are covered:

Your Fall backyard decorating ideas are endless and here is a video to get you going!

3. Feed into Fall

Your backyard Fall party will be the talk of the season with perfect food options that your friends and family will “fall” in love with! You must have a menu that caters to all of your guests and it is important to remember this when inviting people of different age groups.

The food can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish but most importantly, make it colorful, creative, fun and delicious! If the setting is casual, finger foods are perfect and can range from chicken, burgers or one-dish wonders like chili or stew with all the trimmings.

If you are going for the more elegant affair, full-course meals are more appropriate and either of these options can be enhanced with candy stations, carnival themed sides such as, candied apples, popcorn, cotton candy or funnel cakes.

It is a Fall party and beverages should reflect the theme by serving hot chocolate, coffees, warm ciders, water and tea. These are all great for a fall party and remember to toss in the cute little add-ons like cinnamon sticks, marshmallows and ginger garnish. If nothing else, the scent will definitely scream Fall!

Here's a few ideas:

Hamburger Sliders

Recipe at SeriousEats.com

Cocktail Smokies 

Recipe at CullinaryHill

PB & J Sandwiches 

Recipe at AllRecipes.com

Healthy Chips and Dips

Recipe at EatingWell.com

Food stations are always popular at parties:

Drinks Station


Chili Bar 


And if there's a bonfire or a firepit a S'mores bar is a must!

Something for Dessert:

Salted Caramel Apple Tartlets

Recipe and more ideas at: countryLiving.com

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Recipe at AllRecipes.com

Dark chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Recipe and more ideas at Delish.com

4. Games and More Games:

Every party needs games to bring it to life and immediately a backyard party in the Fall brings festival to mind. This makes planning the games that much easier because the options are endless.

Don’t be fooled, adults enjoy games as much as children but as the host, you must make sure the games are well presented. You want to make certain that the selected games are appropriate for the age groups that will attend the party but hey, most Fall games are for all age groups.

In addition to the traditional games, consider creating a craft table for the little ones and designating a couple of adults to oversee it. They can rotate out every other hour in order to allow them to enjoy other activities as well.

Read our How to Turn your Backyard into a Toddler-Friendly Play Zone article for more ideas:

Contemporary options include DIY photo booths, frames for social media pics, face-painting and karaoke machines for children if space allows.

Fall Party Game Ideas:

Three-legged race

5 variations at Care.com

Mini Hay Rides

Great ideas at Pizzazzerie.com

Apple bobbing

Image Source: AndersRuff

Ring toss

More DIY games at Listotic.com

5. The Final Touches

You will find it quite easy to plan a great backyard party in the Fall but it is also important to take care of the little things. Make certain that you have obtained any necessary permits if your neighborhood requires such for things like live music or fire pits.

If alcohol will be served but children in attendance, make certain to keep the alcohol in a restricted area of which the kids won’t have access and a responsible adult will be attending at all times.

Finally, as the host, you want everything to turn out great but you should enjoy as well. Therefore, enlist enough help to allow you to enjoy the food, festivities, friends and family as well. After all, it’s a Fall affair that you’ll want to remember for a lifetime!

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