5 Ways to Make your Pool Party More Exciting

The summer parties are now in full swing, but are you making the best of your pool?

We are going to explore some ideas to make your pool party fun and unforgettable for anyone who attends them!

Let’s dive into it!

1) Theme

One way to make your party stand out is to choose a theme. You can go as wild as you like.

If the party is in the evening, you can add style with a black and white decor. And what about a pool movie night ? With a bit of imagination, it’s easy to make your own without breaking the bank.

If the pool party is the afternoon, you can do something easier, like a nautical decor. For something very laid back, a tropical island decor is fun and colorful.

Image Source: Party City

Use colorful tableware which will make your guests feel they are on holidays straight away.

We particularly love these color changing margerita glasses on Amazon.

2) Fun Games

There are now a lot of pool games which will keep your guests entertain all day long. You can choose to add a basketball hoop on each side of the pool. You can choose a volleyball net in the center of the pool. Also a lot of fun is a floating pool pong table or beer pong table with an included drinks cooler if your guests enjoy drinking games!

Are your friends poker players ? Surprise them with a floating poker table and waterproof cards!

If there are children, you can add an inflatable slide or a floating shootball.

3) Comfort

Make sure your guests are comfortable at all times. Provide extra towels and a changing room. Make sure you have sufficient shading and provide plenty of sunscreen.

You should of course make sure there’s plenty of cold water and refreshing drinks. Spritzer water bottles are also a nice way to refresh oneself in the sun.

Another way to make your guests comfortable is to provide plenty of sittings and loungers. You can even add some inside the pool! They now do some great water hammocks and floating chairs.

If you like spending a lot of time in your pool, you might want to invest in a floating relaxation island that can accomodate several people. The best ones are pretty expensive but there are options under $100.

We particularly love this canopy island on Amazon.

There are others cool items you can add like a floating umbrella and a floating drinks holder/cooler.

4) Lights

If the pool party goes on in the evening, you can consider adding some interesting colors to your pool with color changing led lights. Eveltek makes floating solar lights which are nice. Or you create  a true light show with a floating fountain or something more sophisticated.

Lanterns and fire pits are also a stylish way to light your outdoor place.

5) Food and Drinks

Opt for refreshing food and drinks. Fruits and salads are always a good idea in summer. Lemodade, light cocktails and beers are always a favorite in the sun. Of course, you can have a barbecue going but you don’t need to over-complicate things.

You will find some interesting non-alcoholic refreshing drinks at BBC Good Food.

And if your prefer alcoholic cocktails, you will find a lot of interesting ones at TitiCrafty.

Blue Hawaii Cocktail, source Creative-Culinary

We hope you enjoyed our ideas and now, you’re ready for your pool party.

Share with us your own ideas in the comments!

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