The 6 Grilling Trends You Won’t Escape in 2016

Summer is here! The sunshine, the holidays, the long evenings outdoor and the barbecues. It’s the time of year when you can take the time to enjoy friends and family. You can take the time to relax and enjoy the summer parties.


Whatever you will be doing this summer, chances are you will see some grilling action. We have taken a look at the barbecue trends we will see in 2016.

1. Grilling goes High-Tech

One unavoidable trend this year will be the rise in cooking technologies and gadgets.

Temperature Regulators:

These little devices are operated on AC power and let you set the temperature of your grill as easily as for a kitchen oven. Your food cooks in a smoky and moist environment that leaves the food juicy, tender and flavorful.

Wireless Thermometers:

Those are programmed depending on the meat you are cooking. They beep when your meat has reached the programmed temperature. That means you can monitor your cooking even if you are 300-ft away. No more overdone meat for you!

Smart Grills and Smokers:

We knew it was bound to happen but now it’s a reality. Grills and smokers are now smart and can be controlled remotely from your Smartphone. The best known is the SmartChef smoker from Char-Broil and 2016 has seen the release of the Bradley SmartSmoker™ and the Smoke Hollow Tronix smoker. Lynx has also released a voice-activated grill.

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2. Smoking is the New Grilling

According to Steven Raichlen at the Barbecue Bible smoking is going mainstream in 2016. Smoked food has been around for a very long time. At the beginning, smoking was used as a mean to preserve food longer.

Now it’s considered a delicacy and that’s why smoked salmon or smoked cheese are pretty expensive. And now you can make these delicacies in your own home.

Home smokers are becoming cheaper, more reliable and easier to use. Anything can be smoked. Meat, of course, but also vegetables, soups, nuts, cheeses and even desserts.

Smokers can be charcoal, pellet, gas or electric and are becoming affordable. A food smoker is the definite must-have in your outdoor kitchen this summer. Once you get one, you will wonder why you haven’t thought of it before!

3. Accessories

We are seeing more and more accessories available for grilling. Here are some you will see this year:

Pizza Stone:

Cooking a pizza on your grill is the new big thing in barbecuing. If you don’t want to look like a caveman this summer, you should consider buying a pizza stone ASAP.

Broiler Basket:

Use a basket to stop losing your food on the grill. This is perfect to grill vegetables or small pieces of meat.

Grill Mat:

If you don’t like cleaning the grill, all you have to do is getting a grill mat. Not only will you not lose your food, but the grill will stay much cleaner. This one really is a no-brainer!

Grilling Planks:

Plank grilling will give a subtle and smoky flavor to any food and it tastes wonderful. The most-used wood is cedar because it’s versatile and works with all food. If you want to experiment more, you can use maple, hickory or alder.

Chimney Starter:

A must for anyone who is using charcoal. A chimney starter will not only heat the coal quicker, but it also makes it so much easier. They make starting a charcoal grill a breeze. You will wonder why you didn’t get one years ago!

4. Solar Oven

Solar cookers use the energy of the sun to cook food. As the world is becoming more aware of the need to reduce its fuel consumption, solar devices are becoming more popular. Most solar ovens are inexpensive and low-tech with the added benefit of being portable.

As technology advances, solar cookers will become the norm and replace our old cooking devices.

We are not yet at this stage but it’s an option you might want to consider. A company which is ahead in this domain is GoSun. Their star product, the GoSun Stove will be released again in the fall of 2016.

5. Beef is Back

After years of being rejected, mostly for health reasons, beef is growing strong again. According to Beef Magazine, this change of mind comes from the decreasing prices.

Expect to see new types of steack this year. The low prices mean that people can now enjoy rare, lesser-known cuts which were not available before.

The shoulder tender is the most tender of all the beef muscles. It’s difficult to extract and has been seldom used in the past. It’s also known as the bistro filet or the teres major.

The flat iron steak, which is situated just above the shoulder tender is a much tougher cut but has a lot of flavor. It contains a fascia membrane and is usually cheaper. It’s known as the butler’s steak in the UK or as the oyster blade steak in Australia and New Zealand.

The flank steak is a grainy cut which is usually sliced acroos the grain to increase the tenderness. It’s common in Columbia where it’s called sobrebarriga and in France where it’s called bavette. You are probably more likely to come across it as a bavette steak.

6.Bacon is still Favorite

Another trend that the doctors will frown upon, but bacon is everywhere. You might object that bacon has never disappeared and you are right. The difference is that you are likely to find it where you don’t expect it. For example, wrapped around otherwise healthy vegetables.

Another difference is that people are now looking for higher quality meat, and bacon is no exception. And of course, you will even be able to make your own with your new smoker!

And this is sure to stun your guests!

To Conclude

Did you know that 72% of US adult population owns a grill or a smoker? This number is always on the rise and many households own more than one grill. But do you know everything about grilling?

You can test your BBQ IQ on this page.

Now that you have read our barbecue trends 2016 article, you are well-prepared to become the king of the grill this summer. Let us know how it goes.

Happy grilling season to all of you!

6 Grilling Trends you won't Escape in 2016
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6 Grilling Trends you won't Escape in 2016
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