Green Thumb: Your Guide to Backyard Care

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You’ve spent a long time — not to mention a considerable amount of money — designing your dream backyard

But if you don’t know how to properly take care of it, you’ll see your flowers wilt and your investment go down the drain. 

Plus, gardening and other basic backyard care have been shown to have numerous mental health benefits. This means that tending to your yard won’t just ensure your home looks its best — it will also help you to de-stress.

So, where should you start when it comes to backyard care?

Read this post to learn the most important basics. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll finally get the green thumb you’ve always wanted.

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No matter the size of your backyard or the climate you live in, you’re going to have to deal with weeds.

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There are several different methods you can use to get rid of weeds.

You can hire professional lawn care services, or simply apply pesticides yourself. For best results, apply the weed killer early in the morning, when the dew is still out. The morning after a rainstorm is also an ideal time to apply pesticide.

If you’re concerned about the potential health hazards of weed killers, you can go the organic route.

Make your own weed killer by combining a half a cup of salt with about two cups of white vinegar in a spray bottle. If you like, you can also add a few squirts of dish soap to the mix. 

Shake it up and spray directly on any weeds — but avoid your plants and vegetables. 

Other natural methods for killing larger patches of weeds? Pouring boiling water on them, or simply pulling them out by hand. 

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Preventing Weeds

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Of course, the best backyard care tip for dealing with weeds is to do what you can to stop them from growing in the first place

To do this, invest in some weed preventers. These work to nip weeds like crabgrass, ragweed, and yarrow in the bud, preventing their seeds from taking root. 

Generally, you’ll want to apply weed preventer between March and May. Or, you can simply wait for your forsythia blooms to drop, and take a natural cue.

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Keep in mind that if the weeds are already visible, you can’t get rid of them with weed preventer. Instead, use the methods we mentioned above.

Also, remember to activate your weed preventer by watering the targeted areas directly after application. Avoid planting flower beds for a few days after the initial application.

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Feed Your Lawn With Fertilizer

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We’ve all felt green with envy when we see someone else’s lush, gorgeous lawn. 

What’s their secret? 

Most likely, it’s fertilizer, another important staple of effective backyard care. 

The best time to fertilize your lawn is when your grass is actually growing, as the fertilizer provides nutrients. The exact time period will depend on the region in which you live.

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Stick to this general rule: if you live in the North, aim to fertilize in both the spring and fall. If you’re a resident of the South, the spring and summer months are your best bet. 

Keep in mind that there’s no need to fertilize your lawn when your grass is dormant — you’ll just waste money, and may even harm your grass.

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Water Your Garden And Lawn

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Of course, fertilizer isn’t the only thing your lawn needs to be happy! 

No matter what type of climate you live in, keeping your lawn properly watered is essential to fostering continued growth. 

The best time of the day to water is early in the morning. This isn’t just because you want to avoid the discomfort of taking care of your garden with the sun blazing overhead. 

You need to water as early as you can because the sun actively dries up the grass. Though this may sound counterintuitive, this is actually a good thing.

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Because it prevents your plants from getting over-watered, while still allowing them to get enough to drink. 

If you water by hand or turn your sprinkler system on at night, your grass and plants will hold onto that moisture for too long. This could end up drowning them or making them susceptible to disease

Try to water your garden and lawn a minimum of once a week. If you live in a drier area, twice a week is even better.

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Mow Your Lawn

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Many people see mowing the lawn as an annoying and time-consuming chore.

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While it’s certainly tempting to outsource your mowing to a neighborhood teenager, think twice before you leave your lawn in the care of someone who may not have the experience you need. 

When your grass isn’t in a high-growth phase, mowing your lawn once a week should be enough. However, keep in mind that you may need to mow more frequently — even every four days — when your grass is growing. 

It’s best to mow your lawn when the grass is dry, so midday is a great time to get out and do a little yard work. 

Also, always make sure you’re not “scalping” your lawn — AKA cutting your grass too short. Too-short grass encourages weed growth and may even make your lawn more likely to catch diseases. 

Plus, mowing too close destroys the root systems of your lawn, meaning it’s more likely to be scorched by high temperatures.

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We hope this post has made backyard care feel a bit less intimidating than you initially thought. 

While backyard care certainly requires a fair share of effort, the payoff of a healthy, thriving garden is huge. 

Looking for reviews about the top equipment and tools you can use to keep your lawn looking its best? 

Want more advice on how to upgrade your backyard?

No matter how you want to transform your backyard and garden this season, we have the inspiration you need to actually get the job done this time. 

Check out our blog to learn more about how to get the most out of your outdoor space. Your thumb has never looked greener!


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How To Make Your Summer Barbecues Healthier?

Summer is all about having fun in the sun. You will agree upon the fact that everything becomes a lot better during the summer season. Climate is better, food is better and every single day of the week becomes a lot better than the freezing winters.

With summer comes the joy of grilling food in the backyard barbecues that means lots of burgers, hotdogs, steaks, ribs, briskets and other scrumptious delights on the grill. If you have a pellet smoker at home and are looking to grill one of the aforementioned foods on it, then let’s just hold it right there.

Instead of consuming so many calories, which each of those aforementioned foods possesses, why don’t you switch to something healthier? You can cook healthy meals on the barbecue if you want, so why have those arteries clogging meals when you can have something healthy in order to stay fit.   

There are simple swaps that you can consider in order to lighten up your grilling dishes. I have shared a healthy summer barbecue menu with leaner proteins, which are low on sodium and calories, so having these will keep your body healthy for the entire summer.

Replace beef burger with a turkey burger and skip the bun

The juicy beef burger is always on the people’s list when it comes to backyard barbecue because it is so delicious. The addition of fresh lettuce, sour pickle, juicy tomatoes and cheese in the burger makes it even more tempting, but the overall count of calories goes to 564, which is way too much in my opinion.

Replace beef burger with a turkey burger with all other ingredients, as it will just add up to 300 calories. When compared to beef, turkey is a leaner meat, so it is lower in fat and higher in calcium. Replace the buns with collard greens, which is a high fiber vegetable that consists of antioxidants as well. You just need to grill turkey burger patty and then, place it in the wrap along with pickle, tomato, lettuce and cheddar cheese.

Replace bratwurst with turkey hot dogs

Bratwurst is a sausage that is made of pork, beef or veal. The dish has basically originated in Germany but is extremely popular in the US. It tastes great but is not good for health, so it is better to replace it with a turkey hot dog with some mustard sauce and sauerkraut.

Where a bratwurst would add up to 373 calories in your body, a turkey hot dog will be light on your body as it contains only 193 calories. Moreover, the sodium content is low too, so you are not going to feel salt-bloat in the morning that people usually feel after having barbecue food. Moreover, the sauerkraut is a great source of probiotics, thus helping you digest the food easily.

Replaces Steak with Tuna Kebabs

Grilling steaks are one of the common things that you would see in the majority of US households during summer weekends, but you don’t make the same mistake. Try tuna kebabs instead of steaks, as the former is leaner than beef and contains lesser fat. The difference between a steak and tuna kebabs can be determined from the fact that the former contains 2.5 times more calories than the latter.

Moreover, tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin K, so you are eating nutritious food. But, don’t over-consume tuna thinking it is healthy for you because the mercury level in your body may rise due to over-consumption.

Replace baby back ribs with marinated chicken

Baby back ribs may be full of juices, but it is not a healthy food, and you know it too. It is prepared with a good amount of sugary BBQ sauce, which does no good for your body. By replacing baby back ribs with marinated chicken, you will consume 300 less calories.

A plate of baby back ribs has around 700 calories, whereas a plate of grilled chicken is going to add just 320 calories, so the difference is pretty evident. But, keep in mind that the chicken is not marinated for a long duration, as that will decrease the percentage of antioxidants in the sauces. There are hundreds of BBQ chicken recipes that you can try, so just forget baby back ribs.

Don’t compromise the taste

These are some ideas to make your summer barbecues healthier, but there is one thing I want to add that by replacing the usual dishes with the ones I’ve mentioned above, you are not making any compromise with the taste. These new dishes will taste equally good, if not better, plus these ensure that you are consuming less fat and calories.

Author Bio: Monica Henin, the author of this post on how to make your summer barbecues healthier is a passionate food writer and a great cook. She has written a countless number of blogs and articles on healthy recipes and food tips, which have inspired millions of her readers all around the world. Check out the best of her work at

How to make a DIY outdoor wooden porch swing

patio swings

Porch swings are the ultimate sign of bliss and peace in all homes, whether they are urban, suburban or rural. They provide so much fun for little kids and relaxing adults and teenagers with their books. Continue Reading

8 Patio Swings That Will Add Comfort to Your Backyard

backyard swings

Did you know that spending more time outdoors has loads of scientifically-proven benefits, from reducing stress to improving physical health?

That’s right – and even half an hour in your backyard could help.

However, you might not be keen to spend much in your yard if it isn’t a comfortable place to be.

Investing in a patio swing is a wonderful way to add a little luxury to your space – you’ll soon be outside enjoying the sunshine all year round.

Keep reading for details on nine of the best patio swings, from fancy outdoor sofas to traditional wooden log swings.

1. Porchgate Cupholder Console Cypress Porch Swing

This wooden porch swing has a lovely traditional look, and it’s perfect for couples or families.

The swing consists of two separate seats, so both occupants can enjoy their own personal space.

In the center of the swing, there’s a handy wooden cupholder with room for two drinks. Rather than being forced to place outdoor tables at either side of the swing, you can simply store beverages right next to you.

2. Mainstays 3 Seat Porch & Patio Swing

The Mainstays 3 Seat Porch and Patio swing is a really versatile option that’s ideal for large families or homeowners who like to entertain.

The swing is large enough to comfortably seat three adults or several small children, and the material is soft and comfortable.

There’s an awning up above, which offers much-needed protection for the sun on those scorching hot days.

3. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing

Not keen on swings that look like outdoor sofas, and want a more rustic option?

This log swing from Lakeland Mills could be a perfect choice.

It’s made from an attractive natural wood, and the frame of the swing has a traditional log design which makes it look unique and interesting.

The swing is made from white cedar, meaning it’s resistant to creepy-crawlies, rot, and decay. It’s environmentally friendly and easy to assemble.

4. Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat

Looking for an awesome porch swing for one?

This hammock chair swing from Sorbus is the best way to relax in style.

It’s made from cotton and polyester, has a deep, comfortable hammock-style design, and is filled with super soft cushioning.

Want to relax to the max?

With this swing, you really can – and it’s easy to hang from trees anywhere in your backyard, offering loads of versatility. Simply pick your favorite spot and install the most comfortable swing seat you’ve ever seen.

5. Coral Coast Casco Bay Resin Wicker Porch Swing

Looking for a swing that’s light, summery, and makes you feel like you’re on vacation?

This wicker porch swing from Coral Coast might be perfect.

Made from pretty white wicker, the swing looks bright and welcoming and easily matches the rest of your garden decor.

You can add an optional cushion in a range of colors for extra comfort and style, or stick with the traditional plain wicker look. It’s an all-weather swing, so you won’t have to worry about rot or water damage.

6. Outsunny Convertible

Prepare yourself for the most versatile patio swing you’ve ever seen.

The Outsunny Convertible has a smart 3-in-1 design and can be used as a swing seat, a protective canopy, or a bed, depending on your current needs.

When used as a canopy alone, the Outsunny Convertible offers a good amount of shade that’s ideal for picnics or playtime with kids. Curtains around the edge of the frame offer protection from bugs and create a fun mini-gazebo.

With the swing attached, the seat has room for three people and is soft and comfortable. It’s quite high off the ground, making it perfect for taller guests.

Finally, the convertible can be used as a relaxing day bed, ideal for chilling out in style on hot days.

7. Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair Swing

This is a super-cool, modern option that’s ideal for trendsetters.

The swing comes with a metal frame, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to hang it. The seat itself is long enough to allow you to stretch out and relax, and the canopy will protect you from sun damage.

8. Burgundy Belleze

The Burgundy Belleze is a pretty swing seat that’s ideal for adding color.

It comes in a deep, rich shade which will add warmth and style to any yard. There’s plenty of room for two to three people, and the large canopy keeps you comfortably shaded.

Why Buy Patio Swings for Your Backyard?

Patio swings are an awesome place to relax with guests, spend time with family, or unwind at the end of a long day.

Choose a seat that offers shade, comfort, style, and convenience to maximise the time you spend in your backyard.

Want more patio-enhancing tips? Check out our blog.

Uuni 3 Pizza Oven: Best Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven?

Uuni 3 pizza oven

You’ve done the traditional tailgater barbecue and it was fun. But everyone is on the act now and you’d like to do something different this football season.

What would be a good game day treat for this season?

How about cooking real wood-fired pizzas to go along with those ice-cold artisan brews that you’ve packed? It’s so easy with the Uuni 3 outdoor pizza oven. In 60 seconds you could turn out hot, tasty pizzas and be wowing the crowd just like your favorite team.


Quick NavigationWhat’s the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?What’s in the BoxWhat Can You Expect?First Off, How Does It All Work?Baking your pizzaPutting the fire outHere Are the Standard Features of the Uuni 3 pizza ovenWhat Kind of Fuel Does It Use?Can I Use Propane in the Uuni 3?Can I Use this in a Commercial Setting?What Else Can I Make in a Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?What’s the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Cleaning Routine?Any Tips or Tricks to Getting My Best Pie?Do I Have to Do Anything Special with the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?What’s the Warranty Period?Any Concerns to Be Aware of?Extras That Make Outdoor Cooking BetterWhere Can I Buy the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?Ok Then, What’s the Final Word?

What’s the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

The Uuni 3 is the latest version of the popular Kickstarter funded wood pellet pizza oven made by Uuni. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here

You can make Neapolitan style pizzas in as little as 60 seconds just about anywhere. And that’s not all. Because of Uuni’s fast, high heat, It’s great for cooking many other foods too.

It has several improvements and modifications over the Uuni 2S that the manufacturer said were directly the result of customer comments. We’ll talk about those in a moment.

With just a few parts to remove, the Uuni quickly becomes a portable pizza oven making it great for tailgating, the beach or the park. The three-legged design makes it great for setting up on uneven surfaces.

What’s in the Box

  • Uuni 3, pellet fueled woodfired oven
  • Uuni Stone Baking Board made of 100% cordierite stone
  • Uuni Pizza Peel
  • Manual and safety instructions

  • Uuni Pizza Peel
  • NOTE: wood pellets Do Not come with the stove, so be sure to buy some when ordering the unit. The unit doesn’t come with a cover, but there is a form fitted one available that becomes a handy carrying bag. Both are listed below.

    What Can You Expect?



    Fast heating

    The whole unit gets extremely hot

    Fast cooking

    Largest pizza size is 12 inches

    Relatively Light weight

    Door isn’t hinged

    Easy to assemble

    Flame guard on stone is easy to knock off

    Very portable

    Cheap, environmentally friendly fuel

    First Off, How Does It All Work?

    It requires some minor assembly. For most users, it took about 10-15 minutes. The 3 legs on the Uuni 3 fold out and, according the manufacturer, make the unit more stable. The chimney clamps on the top. It’s designed to be removable, making the oven transportable.

    Once assembled, fill up the pellet tray and box. The pellets can be fired up using a torch, gel or paraffin packs, Tumbleweeds Fire Starters or lighter fluid.

    Tip: Make sure you put the hopper cap back on before trying to light them otherwise you will never get them fully started.

    Uuni’s preferred method of lighting the Uuni oven is to use a torch. Poke the lit nozzle of the torch through the port on the right-hand side of the tray to light the wood pellets. They’ll be burning and ready to heat the oven in about 60 seconds.

    Once lit, you’ll be ready to start cooking after a 10 minute or so warmup. Because the Uuni is a wood fired pizza oven, it runs at a very high heat which means there will be some flare ups. Make sure you have plenty of clearance around it.

    The cooking is done by drafting the flame and heat over the top of the pizza and stone and out the chimney.

    Tip: When making your pizzas, make them smaller than 13 inches so that they can fit through the doorway.

    Now, slide the pie all the way to the back of the oven and put the front cover on.

    Baking your pizza

    Once the pie is in don’t take your eyes off it, you’re going to need to turn it in about 30 seconds. The reason for this is that high temperature I mentioned – 932°F/500°C. It will keep you on your toes.

    Depending on how you make your pizzas, you’ll need to experiment with time because there’s no real way to accurately regulate the heat and flame.

    Don’t be discouraged as it’s going to take a little practice to master the pizza oven, but you’ll get it down in no time.

    When they say a pizza cooked in 60 seconds, they mean it!

    Putting the fire out

    Once you’re done cooking with the Uuni, you can let the pellets burn down to a small pile of ash that can be thrown away or used as a fertilizer (check with your plant specialist).

    If you’d rather not wait until they burn down, you can remove the grate on the pellet tray and dump the embers into a metal bucket of water. Make sure that you’re wearing a heatproof glove when pulling out the hot pellet tray.

    Let the oven cool completely before cleaning or handling the oven.

    Fun Fact: Uuni means oven in Finnish

    Click to Tweet



    Here Are the Standard Features of the Uuni 3 pizza oven

    Same as the Uuni 2S:

    Brushed Stainless steel body for a lighter weight cooking environment

    Cordierite ceramic pizza stone for even cooking of the dough

    Uses wood pellets for efficiency and woody flavoring

    Wood handles to protect your hands from high heat

    Removable chimney for portability

    Improvements and additions to the Uuni 3:

    Heats up in as little as 10 minutes

    Reaches a temperature of 932°F/500°C

    The Uuni 3 oven roof is insulated for better heat efficiency

    Better temperature control and more consistent cooking with the newly designed pellet feeder

    Better mounting for the front heat deflector. It’s easy to knock off in the Uuni 2S.

    A cooking stone mounted rear heat deflector

    Three-legged design for stability on uneven surfaces

    What Kind of Fuel Does It Use?

    The Uuni uses wood pellets that are an inexpensive and sustainable energy source for its fire. The manufacturer recommends using 100% natural hardwood food grade pellets. This way, you avoid the chemicals and binders that are found in the cheaper alternatives.

    One user’s recommendation was to use the Uuni branded pellets because they will burn cleaner and last a little longer. They are made from 100% American Oak.


    The manufacturer states that their pellets are optimized for neutral flavor, high temperatures and sized especially for the Uuni wood fired pizza oven.

    You can use other pellets like the Traeger brand for smokers or any alder or oak pellet. Don’t use Mesquite or hickory as the flavor will be too intense for the pizza.

    You’ll need about 3 cups of pellets to get going. Once the heat is up and you’re cooking, it takes about a cup per pizza as you go. You may use more if you use the following suggestion:

    One user recommends letting the pellets burn down about halfway and then pop the pizza in to cook. In his experience, he’s found that helps keep the flame from scorching the pizza and gives the pie a nice smoked woody taste.

    You’ll get about 50 pizzas per 20 pounds of pellets.

    Can I Use Propane in the Uuni 3?

    At the time of the writing of this article, the Uuni 3 pizza oven doesn’t use propane. However, the company does say a propane conversion unit will soon be available. If you’re an Uuni 2S owner, the conversion is supposed to work for you as well.

    How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Pizzas?

    Figure about 4-5 minutes between pies to allow the heat to recover to the right temperature. Opening the door lets a good amount of heat out, so make sure to close it up between batches. Also consider the minute or so to let the pellets burn down.

    If you put the pizzas together beforehand, you can save creation time. Keep them covered so they don’t dry out.  

    Can I Use this in a Commercial Setting?

    You might be able to if you keep an eye on the fuel. The problem is that the Uuni burns the pellets pretty quickly, so you need to keep feeding the pellet box.

    If you keep feeding the pellets at the right rate and amount to be continuously burning, you should be able to turn out the pizzas fairly quickly. But it is a small outdoor pizza oven, so keep that in mind when planning events.

    Here are the measurements and weight if you’re going to be moving it around:

    • Shipping weight is 24.3 pounds

    • Assembled weight is 22 pounds

    • Assembled, it measures 8.6” x 14.1” x 29” (HxWxL) add 17” to the height for the removable chimney

    What Else Can I Make in a Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

    Like most of the available pizza ovens, just about anything you can fit through the opening and still be able to close the door. In the case of the Uuni 3, its high temperatures are perfect for flat breads, seafood, meat, and vegetables as well as pizza.

    Reading through some of the Amazon reviews, you’ll see some people leaving recipes for cooking steaks and other foods with the Uuni 3.

    Here’s a good, user recommended pizza book to check out on Amazon. Peter Reinhart’s “American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza”

    What’s the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Cleaning Routine?


    The cleaning is easy really. Wipe the housing down with a rag once it’s cooled off. Dump out the pellet tray when the pellets are burned to ash.

    Tip: Treat the cooking stone with care. Let it cool completely if you plan on cleaning it. Don’t stick it under cold water when hot or it could crack. If you’re going to wash it, use warm water only. The stone is porous so don’t use detergent or soap. It could absorb the liquid leaving a bad taste.

    But know that it’s not required that you wash it. Most users just brush or scrape off the loose burnt stuff. Then let the high heat burn anything else off. The Pizzacraft Pizza Stone Brush is a good brush to use:

    Any Tips or Tricks to Getting My Best Pie?

    We’re talking about cooking here, so you can bet there are a bunch of little things to make the food better tasting and easier to make.

    Use a thin crust for your pie. Here’s a good pizza dough recipe to start out with from the New York Times.

    Go easy on the toppings as they won’t cook as fast as the dough. This is typical of outdoor pizza ovens. You can lift the pizza up toward the oven roof with the peel to take advantage of the flame to do further cooking. Not too long though, it could burn the top.

    Turn the pie every 30 seconds or so to cook it evenly. Keep the door closed as the pie is cooking to keep temps up. If you follow the recommendation of letting the pellets burn down, you may find you will need to rotate less often. Remember to experiment to find your time.

    Use corn meal on the peel to help the pizza slide off quickly onto the stone. Try not to use flour as it sometimes burns on or sticks.

    Brush or scrape off the stone every 2nd or 3rd pizza to avoid any burnt taste.

    Keep the oven closed when prepping pies in between. This helps keep the internal temperature up.

    If you’re making batches of pizza and you need to add pellets because they’re low, fill up the hopper and then let them burn down part way again.

    Do I Have to Do Anything Special with the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

    Because it’s wood fired, make sure you have plenty of clearance around the Uuni.

    Wear heatproof gloves when handling the pellet box.

    Keep the oven out of the wind for better cooking results.

    Turn that pizza every 30 seconds.

    What’s the Warranty Period?


    The Uuni 3 comes with a one-year warranty covered by the manufacturer. They can be contacted here:

    Register your Uuni 3 here:,+please

    There is a 30 day return and refund policy as well. You can read about it here:

    Any Concerns to Be Aware of?

    Make certain you don’t have anything flammable around the pizza oven. The whole box, including the chimney, get extremely hot. You will also occasionally get flame coming out of the chimney and the pellet box if the wind is blowing through the open door.

    Don’t move the Uuni 3 oven until it’s completely cooled down.

    Uuni 3 Pizza Oven



    Extras That Make Outdoor Cooking Better

    We suggest you invest in the following Amazon Best-Selling tools to make life with your pizza oven a little easier and cleaner.

    Because the peel that comes with the unit is basically a sheet of stainless steel without a handle, buy a standard peel with a handle. The Kitchen Supply 12-Inch x 14-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle is our choice.

    This will give you little more control when you’re spinning the pizza. You’ll be less apt to burn yourself and it will make it a simple thing to slide the pizza in the oven. It also helps when you rotate the pizza so that it will bake evenly.

    To keep track of the temperature of the pizza stone, the Etekcity Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer does a great job. It measures up to 1022°F letting you stand a bit back from the oven. It’s the #1 Best-seller on Amazon. 

    For faster lighting of the pellets, the Pro Plus torch from Iwatani is a good performer. You can adjust the flame shape and strength for extra control. The flame trigger allows one handed control and makes lighting and extinguishing the flame safe and easy.

    Keep your hands safe with a pair of Bluefire Pro heat resistant gloves. They’re certified to withstand heat up to 932°F. They give forearm protection too. Just in our ballpark, right?

    The Uuni 3 Cover/Bag will cover the Uuni 3 while the chimney is attached. Great if you need to leave it outdoors but want it to be protected.

    Turn it into a convenient carry bag by pulling the chimney cover through the bag. Flip the bag over. Remove the chimney and front door and stow them with the oven in the bag. Pull the handles together and you’re Uuni and you are ready to go.

    Then, when it comes to cooking other foods, here are a couple of useful pans that will fit in the Uuni.

    Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Quarter Sheet

     Lodge Logic Square Skillet

    Where Can I Buy the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

    The Uuni 3 pizza oven can be found at larger BBQ and outdoor cooking stores and sporting goods stores. It’s also available here directly from the manufacturer at Amazon. You can take advantage of Amazon’s great customer service as well as FREE shipping. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, get FREE 2-day shipping.

    Ok Then, What’s the Final Word?

    A quick, easy and fun change to your standard outdoor cooking, the Uuni 3 is a sure crowd pleaser. It’s not light weight, but making pizzas in 60 seconds makes you forget all about that. It’s easy to take apart if you want to pack up and go. This would make a great gift – either for you or a loved one who thinks cooking outdoors is the only way to go. If you love the outdoors and pizza, the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven is serious and delicious fun for all.

    If you think it’s not the right choice for you, check out our full selection of outdoor pizza oven by clicking here.

    Camp Chef Pizza Oven – Our #1 Choice for Outdoor Pizza Oven in 2017

    Patio party coming up? How about making it a pizza patio party?

    Now we’re talking. Combine the best combination of good friends, good food and a great location and you’re going to create some lasting memories.

    How would you like to do this without spending a fortune on building a special installation in your backyard or on the patio?

    Even better, how about something that you could take camping, tailgating, even to the beach?

    Read on, because our Camp Chef Italian Artisan Pizza Oven review might just be your ticket.



    What Is the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven?

    The Camp Chef is a portable pizza oven that bakes artisan-style pizza in as little as 3 minutes.

    The Camp Chef pizza oven can do this because it heats in as little as 15 minutes to the desired 600° to 700° temperature. Slide your pie in the oven, close the door, and 3 to 7 minutes later you’ll be enjoying that delicious, sizzling, mouthwatering pizza.

    Not a pizza dough swirling pro?

    No worries, it’s as easy as store-bought pizza sauce and dough or pizza from a take and bake place – even frozen works. But, if you feel like trying your hand at it, go ahead and use any specialized pizza dough and sauce.

    Then pack it up and take it camping or to the beach, it’s that versatile.

    If you’re a pizza aficionado, this is a unit that you’ll want to check out.

    Let’s do just that…



    Fast heating

    No smoky flavor

    Fast baking

    Somewhat uneven heating

    Light weight

    Oven doesn’t get to highest temps with bottle propane

    Easy to assemble

    Front cover not hinged



    Here Are the Standard Features of the Camp Chef Pizza Oven

    • Stainless steel body with double wall insulation in the ceiling
    • Easy electronic ignition
    • Micro adjust 17,000 BTU gas burner in the base of the unit
    • Built in temperature gauge on top
    • 13.5″ x 20″ Cordierite ceramic pizza stone
    • Uses 1lb disposable propane bottles
    • Uses standard bulk propane with supplied 5ft hose and regulator

    First Off, How Does It All Work?

    Electronic ignition gets The Camp Chef Italia started quickly. The oven gets up to temperature in as little as 15 minutes. You control the temperature by using the micro adjust gas burner that is situated below the pizza stone.

    The stone is a 13.5” by 20” piece of Cordierite ceramic. It’s the same material used in kilns so you can be assured that it’s more than ready to take the heat.

    The burner heats up the stone while the gap around the stone allows hot air to move up and heat the oven dome.

    The oven mimics a wood-fired brick oven by contact cooking the pizza dough on the stone while cooking the pizza toppings with convection heat via the double walled stainless-steel dome.

    But, no smoky wood flavor. Here’s why…


    What Kind of Fuel Does It Use?

    The oven runs on propane and is ready to accept gas from two sources. For portability, you can use the easily found 1-pound disposable bottles.

    Or you can use the supplied 5-foot hose with regulator to connect to a standard bulk propane tank.

    So, no woodchips, pellets or wood chunks to fuss with — that’s why no smoky flavor — and no ashes to spill all over your patio, campsite, or beach site.

    Sound good?

    Be aware, some users have said that you’re not able to get the highest temperatures with the disposable bottles.

    Not a problem, you’ll just need to vary the type of pizza you’re going to make. You can still cook at lower temperatures, though it may take a minute or so longer.


    Can I Use Natural Gas?

    That’s a common question many users ask. The Camp Chef pizza oven isn’t made to run on natural gas. Currently, there isn’t a connector or adapter available from the manufacturer to allow natural gas use.

    A couple of notes to keep in mind:

    The Camp Chef is meant to be used outdoors only.

    Be certain to read the instructions on disconnecting the gas supply when the oven is not in use.

    Ok, the electronic ignition makes it fast starting, we know it’s fast heating so…


    How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Pizza Batches?

    You can make one 12-inch or two 10-inch pies at a time. So, figure about 10 minutes on the high side between batches. This is because every time the door is opened, heat escapes and the oven must come back to temp.

    Not a big issue because the stone holds heat for a long time. It’s the air that needs to be reheated and that happens quickly.

    TIP: If you prep your pizzas ahead of time, the process will be a lot faster. Be sure to keep the oven door closed even when not cooking to keep those temperatures up.


    Can I Use this in a Commercial Setting?

    Another common question, but officially, no, the unit isn’t intended for commercial use. However, there are some pizza restaurant owners who have used the Camp Chef Italia pizza oven at open-air events. They’ve reported good results after a little practice and experimenting with time and ingredients.

    Here are the measurements and weight if you’re going to be moving it around:

    • Shipping weight is 47 pounds.
    • Assembled weight is 22 pounds
    • Assembled, it measures 20″ d x 26″ w x 16″ h
    • Add 5” x 23” to the front for the ledge

    Speaking of practice and experimenting:


    What Else Can I Make in a Camp Chef Pizza Oven?

    You can bake bread, calzones, cookies and other smallish baked goods. And that’s not all, you can cook chicken and fish, even roast meats.

    The truth of the matter is, if you can fit the food through the opening, you can probably cook it in the Italia pizza oven.

    Once the baking is done, it’s time for cleanup. Keep reading for good news there.

    Find it on Amazon


    What’s the Camp Chef Oven Cleaning Routine? 

    The body of the oven is easy to clean, just wipe down the inside and outside with a damp cloth. Before cleaning the stone, make sure it has completely cooled. You risk cracking the stone if it’s still hot.

    Clean the stone by rinsing in water, but don’t soak it or use detergent. The stone is porous and will absorb water and soap. Scrape off any burnt-on residue like cheese or other toppings. Drips can be wiped up with warm water.

    The stone will darken as it seasons. That’s something that you want to happen so don’t try to wash it off.

    Alright, those are the basics, so, ready for some secrets?

    What’s the Secret to Good Artisan Pizza?

    Proper air and stone temperature is the secret. The trick is to get the air temperature to around 700° so that the toppings will be properly cooked while keeping the stone at around 550° to avoid burning the crust but still make it crispy.

    The built-in thermometer in the Camp Chef oven top does a good job of measuring the air temperature — so no trick there.

    For the stone temp, a good quality infrared thermometer comes in handy. You can measure several spots on the stone to judge overall temperature.

    This is especially important if you’re going to be making more than one or two pizzas and need to keep opening and closing the door.


    What Am I Getting That Makes Such Great Pizza?

    The high air heat and properly heated stone make this pizza oven a standout. Plus, like we said, it does this quickly, in as little as 15 minutes and you’re ready to start baking.

    The heat is fully adjustable letting you cook many different types of pizza as well as other foods. The ceramic stone then pulls the outer moisture off the dough for crispness. This ensures that you get a perfect crust while the inside stays fluffy and moist.

    Any Tips or Tricks to Getting My Best Pie?

    Measure the stone heat separately to make sure you’ve got the right baking temperature. You want the stone to be at 500° to 550°. The air temperature needs to be higher – 650° to 700° – to cook the top.

    For thin cracker style crust, bake at a low to med temperature to prevent burning. You will need to adjust the overall pre-heat to a half hour or so.

    Use room temperature ingredients and dough. If you use frozen, thaw completely.

    If making the dough that’s noted in the instructions, let it proof for 48 hours.

    Go easy on the toppings as they may not cook quickly enough if piled too high. Also avoid too many high moisture toppings.

    Use fine cornmeal on the peel to make it easy to slide the pie into the oven.

    Spin the pizza 180° at least once in the first 90-120 seconds. Pop large bubbles so they don’t burn. Keep turning as needed to evenly cook.

    If the crust is cooked but the top isn’t quite done, use your metal (not wooden) peel and lift the pie up near the top of the oven. The hot air will finish the cooking while keeping the crust just the way you want it.



    Do I Have to Do Anything Special with the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven?

    The pizza oven is meant to be used outdoors, so don’t use it in an enclosed space. For example, don’t use it indoors, in a camper, or in an RV.

    If you’re going to leave it outside, keep it covered. Camp Chef has a custom cover called the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Protective Cover. You can find it on Amazon. 

    Clever, huh?

    The portable pizza oven can sit on any solid flat surface but if you prefer a cart, Seville Classics makes one that has a shelf for a separate propane canister that you can find on Amazon. 

    When you’re done baking, make sure the gas is off as directed in the instructions.


    What’s the Warranty Period? 

    Camp Chef has a one-year warranty on the stove and components. This doesn’t include paint or finish. Be sure to activate the warranty by registering online here:

    For more information or to file a warranty request go here:

    Any Concerns to Be Aware of?

    The gauge shows the temperature of the air inside but doesn’t give you the temperature of the stone. Take that in to account when baking as the stone could be quite a bit hotter than you think and burn the bottom of the pie.

    Avoid extreme temperature changes to the stone. Don’t place frozen foods on a hot stone as it could crack.

    Use oven mitts or gloves when handling the cooking stone and any other hot parts like the front cover.

    It’s safe to use outside as that’s Camp Chef’s intended purpose for the oven. Remember to use standard fire safety when cooking outside. A fire extinguisher is a good idea to have handy.

    We suggest you invest in the following Amazon Best-Selling tools to make life with your pizza oven a little easier and cleaner.

    A peel or spatula like the Kitchen Supply aluminum peel or the Camp Chef Professional Pizza Spatula will make it a simple thing to slide the pizza in the oven. It also helps when you rotate the pizza so that it will bake evenly.


    The Janico Pizza Oven Stone Brush is a good stiff bristle brush that helps remove the debris on the stone.

    To keep track of the temperature of the pizza stone, the Etekcity Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer does a great job.

    Where Can I Buy the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Oven?

    The Camp Chef Italia Artisan Oven can be purchased at larger outdoor and home supply stores as well as larger sporting goods stores.

    We recommend you purchase it here at Amazon. You can take advantage of their top-notch customer support, easy to use return policy and free Standard shipping. And, if you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you can get FREE 2-day shipping.

    Camp Chef Pizza Oven


    Check the current price on Amazon here


    Ok Then, What’s the Final Word?

    Our conclusion is that the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven would make a great backyard, camping or all-around outdoor propane powered pizza oven. It fits smaller patios and it’s portable. It’s easy to set up on a picnic table or grill stand and you can be cooking in 15 minutes.

    It stands out to us for its versatility in baking other foods too. It’s not a one hit wonder.

    You can find our complete selection of outdoor pizza ovens here

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