8 Brilliant Guidelines for Easy Summer Entertaining

During the summer everyone seems to want to take advantage of the hot weather and the warm evenings. This means a lot of hangouts, get-togethers, and parties. If you want to do some summer entertaining of your own, you’ll want to make sure you give a great performance for your guests to keep them coming back again for more!

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6 Multipurpose Furniture Ideas for Your Backyard

Beautiful summer evenings call for some serious backyard fun! However, bulky outdoor furniture and equipment can take-up space fast and leave your yard looking cluttered. Luckily, you can make the most of your space without sacrificing any luxuries using these great multi-purpose outdoor furniture ideas!


Light-up outdoor end tables, such as the one below, come in a variety of styles and colors. Most of these tables are battery-powered, which means you can move them easily around the yard at your leisure. These end tables are highly functional in that they serve both as an end table for drinks and snacks, and a soft-glowing night-light, which enables you see your belongings in the dark, while still being able to enjoy the starry night sky.

This versatile LED cube can be used as a table, a storage unit, a seat, an ice cube bucket or a flower planter. 

The color can be changed remotely so you can give your backyard a different atmosphere throughout the night.

There are several sizes to choose from and some of them don't double up as a storage unit. Check the details before ordering. 

They are available at Amazon and the price depends on the option you choose.


Cooler tables feature impressive designs that make it easy to both serve and store cool drinks while enjoying your outdoor space. These compact units are the perfect space-saving solution for balconies!

For entertaining, pop up the platform and place ice and beverages in the insulated compartment below. The platform then functions as a space for holding and mixing drinks. When not in use, the platform lowers to seal-up the ice compartment and transforms into an end-table! This is the perfect addition to any pool party.

This little cooler looks very modern and can hold up to 60 cans.

There are several colors to choose from so they will fit in any setting. 

They are available on Amazon for less than $90.


Like cooler tables, cooler cabinets provide a unique way to keep drinks cold while offering a dual function. The top serves as a counter and underneath, the cabinet can be used to store items such as drink glasses, outdoor utensils, or grilling supplies.

You will need a bit of space to fit this one in your backyard but you will find it very handy.

The wide counter space is ideal to mix drinks and prepare food.

The top is lifting to conceals your cooler and there's plenty of room inside.


This adorable chair may be small, but it’s big on innovation. It can be transformed in a multitude of ways to serve as a chair, a sofa, a bed, a dining table, an end table, or an ottoman. These chairs are a fun and unique backdoor idea for both children and adults alike!

You will find the full article on Trendir.


A picnic table is always a useful addition to any backyard barbecue, but when not in use, it can take up a lot of space. This dual function piece of furniture solves the problem completely! Easily flip the backs of the benches forward to make a picnic table in a snap when its time to eat. After dinner is done, flip them back again to form two individual benches that can be placed out of the way, in separate areas of the yard.

This bench from Lifetime is a very popular option.

It comes in brown or gray so it will fit anywhere nicely.

You need two units to make a full-size picnic table.


When it comes to summertime bonfires, having a ready supply of firewood is essential. But let's face it, having a pile of wood in your backyard doesn't look very attractive.

This uniquely designed firewood holder solves this problem for you by turning your wood pile into a beautiful backyard centerpiece.

It also makes a wonderful gift and is available on Amazon for less than $80.


As you have seen, there are a number of ways you can improve your backyard instantly by just choosing the right piece of furniture.

These wonderful ideas have been provided for us by British Solomon.

She is a contributing writer and media specialist for Jacksons Home & Garden. She regularly produces content for a variety of home decor and lifestyle blogs, based around creating stylish and functional solutions for homes.

We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

8 Patio Swings That Will Add Comfort to Your Backyard

backyard swings

Did you know that spending more time outdoors has loads of scientifically-proven benefits, from reducing stress to improving physical health?

That's right - and even half an hour in your backyard could help.

However, you might not be keen to spend much in your yard if it isn't a comfortable place to be.

Investing in a patio swing is a wonderful way to add a little luxury to your space - you'll soon be outside enjoying the sunshine all year round.

Keep reading for details on nine of the best patio swings, from fancy outdoor sofas to traditional wooden log swings.

1. Porchgate Cupholder Console Cypress Porch Swing

This wooden porch swing has a lovely traditional look, and it's perfect for couples or families.

The swing consists of two separate seats, so both occupants can enjoy their own personal space.

In the center of the swing, there's a handy wooden cupholder with room for two drinks. Rather than being forced to place outdoor tables at either side of the swing, you can simply store beverages right next to you.

This swing is perfect for relaxing with a tall glass of lemonade on a warm summer's day.

You can find it on Amazon and get it shipped straight to your door!

Click here to shop

2. Mainstays 3 Seat Porch & Patio Swing

The Mainstays 3 Seat Porch and Patio swing is a really versatile option that's ideal for large families or homeowners who like to entertain.

The swing is large enough to comfortably seat three adults or several small children, and the material is soft and comfortable.

There's an awning up above, which offers much-needed protection for the sun on those scorching hot days.

The seat also converts into a hammock-style swing, making it easy to kick back and relax after a long day entertaining guests.

Amazon offers 5 different colors to choose from.

Click here to check them out!

3. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing

Not keen on swings that look like outdoor sofas, and want a more rustic option?

This log swing from Lakeland Mills could be a perfect choice.

It's made from an attractive natural wood, and the frame of the swing has a traditional log design which makes it look unique and interesting.

The swing is made from white cedar, meaning it's resistant to creepy-crawlies, rot, and decay. It's environmentally friendly and easy to assemble.

Overall, this is a nice durable option that will last you many years.

You'll find it on Amazon for under $200.

Click here to check the current deal!

4. Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat

Looking for an awesome porch swing for one?

This hammock chair swing from Sorbus is the best way to relax in style.

It's made from cotton and polyester, has a deep, comfortable hammock-style design, and is filled with super soft cushioning.

Want to relax to the max?

With this swing, you really can - and it's easy to hang from trees anywhere in your backyard, offering loads of versatility. Simply pick your favorite spot and install the most comfortable swing seat you've ever seen.

This fun option is perfect for kids and adults.

Amazon sells them for less than $50.

Order yours here!

5. Coral Coast Casco Bay Resin Wicker Porch Swing

Looking for a swing that's light, summery, and makes you feel like you're on vacation?

This wicker porch swing from Coral Coast might be perfect.

Made from pretty white wicker, the swing looks bright and welcoming and easily matches the rest of your garden decor.

You can add an optional cushion in a range of colors for extra comfort and style, or stick with the traditional plain wicker look. It's an all-weather swing, so you won't have to worry about rot or water damage.

This swing would look gorgeous next to a pool or water feature, and it's large enough to comfortably seat two.

Amazon will ship it to you for free.​​​

Click here to check it out!

6. Outsunny Convertible

Prepare yourself for the most versatile patio swing you've ever seen.

The Outsunny Convertible has a smart 3-in-1 design and can be used as a swing seat, a protective canopy, or a bed, depending on your current needs.

When used as a canopy alone, the Outsunny Convertible offers a good amount of shade that's ideal for picnics or playtime with kids. Curtains around the edge of the frame offer protection from bugs and create a fun mini-gazebo.

With the swing attached, the seat has room for three people and is soft and comfortable. It's quite high off the ground, making it perfect for taller guests.

Finally, the convertible can be used as a relaxing day bed, ideal for chilling out in style on hot days.

This is the ultimate patio comfort for you and your guests.

You can find it on Amazon for a very good price.

Check it out right here!

7. Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair Swing

This is a super-cool, modern option that's ideal for trendsetters.

The swing comes with a metal frame, so you won't have to worry about finding a place to hang it. The seat itself is long enough to allow you to stretch out and relax, and the canopy will protect you from sun damage.

Unlike other patio swings, the chair comes in a bright green color, teal or red/orange, which is a wonderful way to add a pop of color to your yard.

This chair is perfect for anyone who loves great design.

Check it out on Amazon here!

8. Burgundy Belleze

The Burgundy Belleze is a pretty swing seat that's ideal for adding color.

It comes in a deep, rich shade which will add warmth and style to any yard. There's plenty of room for two to three people, and the large canopy keeps you comfortably shaded.

The frame is sturdy and easy to assemble and you will love the softness of the seats. 

Find it on Amazon here!

Why Buy Patio Swings for Your Backyard?

Patio swings are an awesome place to relax with guests, spend time with family, or unwind at the end of a long day.

Choose a seat that offers shade, comfort, style, and convenience to maximise the time you spend in your backyard.

Want more patio-enhancing tips? Check out our blog.

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven – Propane Pizza Oven

Backyard and patio cooking is always a great pastime, especially for those of us who are diehards and even love cooking outside during cold weather.

Cool, clean, crisp air combined with the great smell of hot cooked food of any kind is an awesome pairing.

So, if you’ve already got your patio set up with a great barbecue grill, what’s the next thing that can really step up your outdoor dining experience?

If you’re a pizza lover – of any kind, style and flavor – the thing that may come to mind is cooking those delicious pies outside.

You’ll be happy to know that there are many choices on the market, from portable units to custom-built brick installations.

In this review, I’m going to talk about the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven and dive into many of its great features. It’s an easy addition to your patio set up and I think you’ll find it well worth your time to consider it.

If you’re ready to expand your outdoor chef capabilities, read on…

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How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress in 4 Easy Steps

Waking up in the middle of the night on a deflated air mattress is an inconvenient experience especially when you are on a camping trip. Detecting and fixing any holes in your air mattress is very easy, and perhaps it is the best way to ensure that your trip is not spoiled due to trivial reasons.

This article provides a systematic way that will help you to fix a hole in an air mattress or an air float.

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How to Pick the Best Fire Pit for Your Backyard

fire pit

Imagine curling up with a glass of wine around a blazing fire pit.

Sounds more like something you find at a romantic hotel getaway, than in your own backyard.

The truth is a backyard fire pit can bring a sense of warmth and luxury to any outdoor space. They are perfect setups for cooking or simply for ambiance. The presence of fire can even reduce your blood pressure.

Fire pit options include the convenience of gas power or the traditional charm of a wood-fueled pit.

No matter which style you choose, it should match your personal wants and needs.

Let's review the world of outdoor fire pits and find the best fire pit for you and your family.

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Uuni 3 Pizza Oven: Best Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven?

Uuni 3 pizza oven

You’ve done the traditional tailgater barbecue and it was fun. But everyone is on the act now and you’d like to do something different this football season.

What would be a good game day treat for this season?

How about cooking real wood-fired pizzas to go along with those ice-cold artisan brews that you’ve packed? It’s so easy with the Uuni 3 outdoor pizza oven. In 60 seconds you could turn out hot, tasty pizzas and be wowing the crowd just like your favorite team.

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Green Thumb: Your Guide to Backyard Care

lawn care

You've spent a long time -- not to mention a considerable amount of money -- designing your dream backyard.

But if you don't know how to properly take care of it, you'll see your flowers wilt and your investment go down the drain.

Plus, gardening and other basic backyard care have been shown to have numerous mental health benefits. This means that tending to your yard won't just ensure your home looks its best -- it will also help you to de-stress.

So, where should you start when it comes to backyard care?

Read this post to learn the most important basics. Hopefully, by the end, you'll finally get the green thumb you've always wanted.

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Camp Chef Pizza Oven – Our #1 Choice for Outdoor Pizza Oven in 2017

Patio party coming up? How about making it a pizza patio party?

Now we're talking. Combine the best combination of good friends, good food and a great location and you're going to create some lasting memories.

How would you like to do this without spending a fortune on building a special installation in your backyard or on the patio?

Even better, how about something that you could take camping, tailgating, even to the beach?

Read on, because our Camp Chef Italian Artisan Pizza Oven review might just be your ticket.

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10 Stunning Patio Kitchen Designs

patio kitchen

It's the perfect summer afternoon for a get-together, warm and sunny with a comfortable breeze. Your friends are enjoying your outdoor space, but you're stuck inside cooking.

A patio kitchen is a perfect way for you to cook while enjoying the outdoors. Join your friends in the fun while you feed them!

You love to impress your friends, or at least create a space they'll enjoy. How should you design your kitchen?

Today we'll give you 10 ideas for jaw-dropping patio kitchen designs.

Keep reading to find out how to combine design, cooking, and outdoor fun!

1. Seating Galore

You're outside to spend time with your friends and family. Seating gives them a place to land while they chat or eat and keeps them out of your way!

Basic patio furniture provides a place to sit but doesn't fit seamlessly into a design.

A long island counter with bar stools gives you somewhere to prep food and your guests somewhere to sit. The longer, the better for the most amount of seating.

Another versatile seating option is an L-shaped bench. These benches fit in a corner of your patio kitchen to provide seating and storage.

If you're on a tight budget, it's easy to create a DIY L-shaped bench. Place a table in front of it for durable seating with a place to eat.

2. Sheltered Patio Kitchen

Don't let a little rain stop your party! If you live in an area where the weather gets dicey, consider a design with a couple walls and a roof.

outdoor kitchen

Leave at least one side open to enjoy nature. Some extra coverage extends the portion of the year you can use your patio kitchen.

To keep using it into fall, check out our tips to cozy up your patio for the chilly weather.

Keep in mind that if you're grilling under a patio roof, you'll need to install the proper ventilation. A ventilation hood will stop the smoke from annoying your guests or damaging your beautiful outdoor space.

3. Pizza Patio

A pizza party doesn't have to mean calling up the local pizza joint. Bring the fun outside with a pizza patio!

Install a pizza oven as the center piece of your patio kitchen. Channel your inner Italian chef every time you slide a pizza in.

The biggest plus of this feature? It's not limited to when you're hanging outside.

You can use this oven all year long for fresh, delicious pizza.

Check out some of our pizza recipes. Then invite your friends over for an adult version of a pizza party.

4. Earthy Area

When you're outside, do you want to channel your inner earth-child? Enjoy the beauty of nature without limiting yourself to cooking over a fire or eating nuts and berries.

Design your outdoor kitchen with natural stone floors and counters. Use wooden elements for softer accents.

For that real, natural touch, work with your landscaping in this design. Plant accent flowers, trees, and bushes around your kitchen to invite mother nature in!

Just be careful that you're not letting dry leaves and such too close to your hot appliances. Fire isn't the element you want to channel here!

5. Tiki Time

Missing your tropical vacation? Bring the tropical vibes to your kitchen with a tiki theme!

Feature a bar in your kitchen design, complete with a sink and a fridge to keep your drinks cool. Add a tiki-hut umbrella or roof to your bar or seating to channel tiki vibes.

To keep the air moving on hot days, install a palm-frond fan under your patio roof. Add a water feature fountain to remind you of the ocean.

You can find it on Amazon.

Bonus points if you keep a stash of little umbrellas on hand for the drinks!

6. U-Shaped Layout

Your theme makes the kitchen look beautiful, but the layout is key for a useful design. Choose the layout that will make your kitchen the most functional for the most fun.

A U-shaped layout provides plenty of space for multiple cooks to move around in your kitchen. It wraps around three sides of your patio while leaving one side open.

Place different appliances on each side of the U for the best functionality. One person can grill in one area while another preps a salad.

Get more people involved in the prep while leaving space for the others to chat!

7. Seamless

You'll use your patio kitchen to enjoy your outdoor space, so you should seamlessly incorporate it into that space.

Choose a material for the "floor" of your kitchen that you can continue out into an extended patio. Get extra stone tile or wood and continue it out past the kitchen.

With that seamless design, your outdoor areas will fit together visually. That way, guests can hang out by the fire pit or the grill and not feel like they're in different locations.

Check out these Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas :

8. Weather-Proof

You have to consider the weather in your area for your patio kitchen design. Choose materials that can hold up to your weather.

For example, stainless steel holds up well against the rains of the Pacific Northwest. However, a porous stone wouldn't go damage-free in all of that water.

To stay stunning, your kitchen has to stay in good shape.

9. Pool-Side Snacks

Just like you don't want to be away from the action while everyone is outside, you don't want to be far away while they're all in the pool.

Design your layout to wrap around part of your pool or sit right next to it. Then, you can easily interact with those swimming while you cook.

Even if no one's swimming, a water feature next to your kitchen is gorgeous. Enjoy the calming ripples of the water while you grill up a steak.

10. Chef's Dream

Don't forget about the actual cooking in your outdoor kitchen. Appliances can bring a stunning visual impact just like other design elements.

Pack your outdoor kitchen with the fancy appliances of your dreams. Include a grill and gas burners for versatile cooking.

patio kitchen

Add a fridge so you don't have to run inside for ingredients. Include a dishwasher to stay outside for cleanup, too.

If you want to get really fancy, get a warming drawer to keep things warm while you finish up the cooking.

For those who don't care about fancy stonework or water features, your kitchen appliances can supply an impressive visual impact.

Enjoy the Joys of Entertaining!

The days of slaving away in the kitchen while your guests enjoy your backyard are over. Bring your cooking talent to the outdoors with a stunning patio kitchen!

Whether you choose something theme-heavy, like a tiki area, or food-focused, like a bunch of appliances, your outdoor kitchen will pack a stunning impact.

If you have any questions on how to create the perfect patio, shoot them our way.

Which of these design tips do you want to use? What features do you want in your patio kitchen?

Leave a comment to let us know!

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