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How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress in 4 Easy Steps

Waking up in the middle of the night on a deflated air mattress is an inconvenient experience especially when you are on a camping trip. Detecting and fixing any holes in your air mattress is very easy, and perhaps it is the best way to ensure that your trip is not spoiled due to trivial […]

Green Thumb: Your Guide to Backyard Care

You’ve spent a long time — not to mention a considerable amount of money — designing your dream backyard.But if you don’t know how to properly take care of it, you’ll see your flowers wilt and your investment go down the drain.Plus, gardening and other basic backyard care have been shown to have numerous mental […]

8 Pool Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Pool Pristine Without the Hassle

Keeping your pool clean can be a daily struggle.Seemingly overnight, algae can take hold and spread. And then you’re dumping $50 worth of chemicals in to get it blue again. If you let it go, it could cost as much as $1000 to fix. But by learning how to keep your pool pristine by pool […]

8 Tips To Save Water In Your Garden

Inhale the earthy smell of your garden. Between the vegetables, flowers, and fresh water, it is nearly impossible to resist. Gardening is incredibly relaxing and a great way to provide food for yourself. Whether it is a hobby or a part of your sustainable living lifestyle, gardening is a great use of your outdoor space.If […]

How to Attract and Enjoy Birds Even in the Winter

Bird watching is one of the most peaceful and enjoyable things of having a backyard. Just because it’s not spring yet, doesn’t mean you can’t attract some winter birds to spend your morning with! Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy your backyard, even if it is freezing and snowy. Winter birds will […]

Is your Backyard Ready for Winter?

Comes winter and your backyard gets covered with layers of frost and snow, days become shorter and evenings become darker and colder. Maintaining your entire home and especially your backyard seems a tough challenge since that’s the part that is open and most vulnerable to be affected by the rough temperature changes.​Now, what can be […]

11 Pressure Washer Safety Rules you Should Know

Pressure washers are very powerful machines and should always be used with extreme care. Not following the safety instructions could lead to serious injury to yourself or others. The use of electric pressure washers could lead to electrocution if not operated properly.  Always follow these 11 pressure washer safety rules.