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20 Unusual Gifts for the Patio Lover – Patio Gifts They Will Remember!

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Gifts not only bring smiles and cheers on sad faces but can also change the life of the people you love. A gift carries emotions as well as feelings. Choosing one can be difficult so we have selected 20 unusual gifts ideas for the patio lover that will save you a lot of time. You are sure to find something that you like within your budget.


For a photographer, a camera or a gift related to photography is best, for a reader, a good new book is best, similarly, for a patio lover, there are numerous patio gift ideas that one can choose.

The gifting season has not quite begun but why not beat the crowds. If you have a patio lover in your life, you can bring a smile on their face with an unique outdoor gift that they will love.

Quick Navigation1. Double Hammock:2. Decorative Amish Wagon3. Glow in the dark pebbles:4. Wicker Drink Cooler:5. 3 Rattan Rocking Chair:6. Fire Pit: 7. Globe string lights:8. Jumbo 4-To-Score Oversized Game:9. Outdoor Cushions:10. Earthenware Planters:11. Patio Heater:12. Waterfall Tabletop Fountain:13. WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone14. Franklin Barbecue:15. Color Changing Solar Garden Lights16. Kacebela BBQ Tools Set17. Natural Lavender Mosquito Repellent Candle18. Spikeball Game Set19. Chillbo Baggins20. Weatherproof Outdoor CandlesMade up your mind yet?

1. Double Hammock:

It is a great present for a couple. What can be better than to snuggle in a hammock in a cold winter day?  It comes with its own stand so it can be installed anywhere. Indoors in winter and outdoors in warmer days so it will be useful all year round.

It also comes in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to find one you like. A great patio gift that’s sure to please everyone. 

2. Decorative Amish Wagon

What better way to ornate your backyard than adding a planter? This decorative Amish wagon is ticking all the right boxes. It looks stylish, it’s practical and it’s build to last.

It also comes in 3 different colors so it can fit in any backyard. And did I mention that the price is under $20? 

3. Glow in the dark pebbles:

There’s nothing like glowing pebbles to give a magical feel to the backyard.

It’s a nice decorative touch for someone with a big open garden but it will also work in smaller spaces.

Expect to pay a bit over $10 for a hundred pieces.

4. Wicker Drink Cooler:

This Drink Cooler is an ice cooler and is a great backyard gift for anyone who enjoys entertaining outdoors.

It is perfect for any patio as it looks very stylish. It also includes a bottom tray to provide an extra storage space and is perfect when you’re entertaining outside.

For about $80, it’s a gift that is sure to impress!

5. 3 Rattan Rocking Chair:

As you know, there’s nothing us women like more than changing the decor of our home now and then. There’s nothing like a new piece of furniture to make us happy. As you also know, it can be an expensive habit.

The good news? We found this gorgeous rocking chair at less than $150. It’s made of brown rattan and is weather resistant.

 A great outdoor gift for all the patio lovers. 

6. Fire Pit: 

A fire pit is a nice addition to any patio and will be greatly appreciated. There’s no better way to create an inviting atmosphere than a fire. 

The Landmann is a good choice because it’s made of sturdy steel and is build to last. It’s also very affordable at less than $100. 

7. Globe string lights:

Globe string lights are the best to light up the night in style. These are great to light the patio all year round and are a great gift idea for the patio lover.  

String lights are very trendy but the high-quality ones can be pretty expensive, which is why it makes a great gift.

It’s a useful present which will please anyone who has an outdoor space at home.

8. Jumbo 4-To-Score Oversized Game:

We couldn’t write about gifts without mentioning the kids so here’s one for them.

This giant garden game is sure to provide hours of fun and is the perfect addition to any garden. Even adults are sure to love this thing too!

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a gift for children you don’t know that well so the 4-to-Score is a great choice which will make the whole family happy.

9. Outdoor Cushions:

There’s nothing like colored cushions to add instant style to a patio or a porch.

I have never heard of a woman who didn’t like cushions!

The ones we have selected come in plenty of colors that will fit in any outdoor space. 

10. Earthenware Planters:

This trio of multi-colored planters is perfect for those who like plants.

Anyone with an outdoor space will appreciate this gift. It’s useful and beautiful and will fit well anywhere.

You are certain to make a woman happy with this gift. And it costs about $50.

Yes, you can say thank-you in the comments 🙂

11. Patio Heater:

A patio heater might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘gift’.

But it’s the perfect gift for a patio lover. There’s nothing more depressing than an unused patio in winter when it’s cold outside. The solution? A patio heater of course!A patio heater will not only add warm and comfort to any backyard, it will also add style. The one we selected comes in a variety of colors and styles so you can find one that will fit anywhere. This is an outdoor gift that  patio lovers will love, no question about it!

I’m actually hoping someone I know will read this 🙂

12. Waterfall Tabletop Fountain:

A water feature is the secret dream of anyone who owns garden. What’s more relaxing than the sound of running water outside? Unfortunately, a permanent feature can be expensive.

That’s why the tabletop fountain is the perfect solution. The candle light makes this fountain attractive and unique and will be a beautiful addition to the yard.  

13. WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone

What could be better a better gift for the backyard than a drone.

‘Nothing!’ we hear you say.

This Amazon Best-Seller is going to provide hours of fun for all the family.

The HD camera is taking stunning pictures. Your friends will be amazed when you share them on social media!

It’s suitable for beginners. 

That’s what we call make dreams come true!

14. Franklin Barbecue:

For someone that loves meat smoking, there’s nothing better than the Franklin’s guide to barbecue.

It has an amazing range of recipes and tips and will make the barbecue lover in your life happy for a very long time. And, believe it or not, it costs less than $20. 

15. Color Changing Solar Garden Lights



This solar glass ball will add a magical touch to any backyard and makes a great gift!

There are four different patterns to choose from.

The regular price is about $80 but it’s usually heavily discounted on Amazon so check it out!

16. Kacebela BBQ Tools Set

For the BBQ lover in your life, a tools set is an ideal gift idea!

The Kacebela is a 19-piece set of premium grilling accessories and comes in an aluminium storage carry case. 

It’s the #1 Best Seller on Amazon and is rated at 4.4 stars.

The listed price is about $70 but it’s usually discounted, which makes it an incredible value.

17. Natural Lavender Mosquito Repellent Candle

Candles are a wonderful gift since everybody loves them!

And if the said candles also repell mosquitoes and smell nice? We call this a no-brainer! 

If you still need more convincing, these candles are entirely natural and come in a beautiful Mason Jar. 

At about $40 for a set of 3, we can’t possibly ask for a better gift.

18. Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball is taking over the backyards across the country and is a great gift!

This game is extremely fun and addictive and is loved by all the family. It can also be very competitive and can be used as an easy way to work out.

It comes with a carry bag and can also be taken at the beach or on holidays.

The regular price is about $80 with frequent discounts on Amazon. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

19. Chillbo Baggins

For swimming pool owners, a pool float can be a priceless gift!

What makes the Chillbo Baggins a great choice is that it can be used both as a float and as a lounger.

We also love that it comes with a carry bag and you can choose from different colors and patterns.

The quality is awesome and it’s guaranteed for life. Regular price is about $100 but there was a 40% discount on Amazon at the time of writing.

20. Weatherproof Outdoor Candles

We have already mentioned candles before but a clever alternative for outdoor are weatherproof candles!

The Frostfire color changing candles come with a remote control and a timer and are just perfect for any backyard.

The price is about $40 for a set of 3 but if you hurry, you might still get the 70% discount on Amazon.

Made up your mind yet?

This is the end of our unusual patio gift ideas article and we hope you enjoyed it. The truth is we could have gone on and on because there are so many beautiful things out there! But we decided to stop at number 20. 

The links in this article are affiliate links which earn this site a small fee. This does not add to your price at all but helps us run our site. 

You will find something for everybody and for every budget on our list so all you have to do now is to choose. Happy shopping!

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Let us know how it goes for you!

12 Tips to Gear Your Patio Up for Summer

The one time of year when you’ll get the most use from your outdoor space is during those warm summer months. If you haven’t yet gotten your outdoor patio looking like a place you want to spend a lot of time, there’s work to be done!


Here are a few great tips for getting your outdoor space looking fantastic for your next summer party:

Quick Navigation1. Clean up! Make your patio tidy!2. Maintain your Grill - or Add One!3. Create an Outdoor Bar4. Add a Canopy or a Gazebo5. Improve Ambiance with a Fire Pit or a Fire Table6. Light Up the Space7. Add Something Comfy8. Utilize your Green Thumb9. Swing into Summer with a Hammock10. Bring New Life to Old Things11. Chill Out with a Fan12. Make a small (or big!) Water FeatureGet Started Today!

1. Clean up! Make your patio tidy!

Nothing deters you or your guests more than a dirty patio. Who wants to go and sit on chairs covered with dirt and cobwebs or to eat off a table with a clean spot on it?

You can buy or rent a pressure washer, if you don’t already have one, to give a good clean to the gutters, the fence, the driveway, the patio floor, and anything that needs cleaning.

Give your outdoor furniture, flooring, and anything else in the area a good scrub to make sure it’s ready for all the use it will be getting this summer. Check these great tips on how to clean and maintain patio furniture.


2. Maintain your Grill – or Add One!

If you have an outdoor grill, inspect it to make sure it’s in great shape. You’ll probably have to clean it up a bit, so get a damp cloth and wipe down the inside. Some grills don’t do well with water, so you can just use a scraper to get off the grime without the risk of rust.

Don’t have a grill or cooking feature of any sort? Get one! This is one of the simple most atmospheric things you can get for your patio. A grill or outdoor stove will make you want to cook, eat, and spend hours outside on the patio.

Food smokers are becoming more and more fashionable and easier to use so you might want to consider to add one to your patio.

3. Create an Outdoor Bar

Everyone will want to come and spend their afternoons or evenings on your patio if you add a mini bar. Upgrade your summer drinks to get some style into your life, rather than sticking with ice coolers and plastic cups all the time.

Outdoor bars don’t have to be elaborate to be useful. Making it functional is the best thing you can do, so focus on that and you’ll end up with something great that you’ll actually be using more often. As long as it can fit glasses, a few bottles of drinks, and some accompaniments and shield them from the elements than you can consider it a success. Some people like to use a rolling cart instead of a static table.

If you are more ambitious, you can build a bar yourself with bricks or pallets and even do something as sophisticated as a bar shed, which are trending right now.

Grillin' and Chillin' traditional-patio

4. Add a Canopy or a Gazebo

We love the summer warmth, but too much sun can ruin any afternoon. It’s very important to provide proper shading for your backyard.

Also, those sudden summer showers might spoil your get together unless you’re covered from the elements. It’s not a good idea to wall in your outdoor space too much, but a simple canopy covering, pergola, or gazebo will be the perfect solution to your sun and weather woes.

Canopies are the cheapest options and they can come in a lot of different styles to match your budget and needs the best. If you love soaking up the sun more often than not, get a roll-out canopy that you can retract and expose you to the elements at any time.

Of course, you can stick with an outdoor umbrella. The trend is to go big and to go bright. A huge, brighly-colored shade is what you need this year.

Barton Hills Remodel / Addition contemporary-patio

5. Improve Ambiance with a Fire Pit or a Fire Table

Up your patio game with a fire pit. Live fires make for pretty fantastic outdoor ambiance. Who doesn’t like to sit around a fire, sip a nice drink, and talk about anything and everything? Nothing brings conversation and warm companionship faster than a beautiful fire.

Fire pits are becoming the norm and every patio is expected to have one. They come in many sizes and shapes and are sure to please everybody.

You can build one yourself too if you want to add a unique touch to your patio.

MTLA - Broida Residence modern-deck

6. Light Up the Space

How usable is your patio when the sun goes down? If you immediately have to evacuate to the indoors then that’s a good sign that you need to upgrade your outdoor lighting! Have some fun with this one. There are no rules for patio lighting; anything goes!

Some favorites for many people include hanging lantern lights, wall-mounted lights, and tall outdoor lamps. We have noticed that string lights were on the rise as they give a particular charm to your space.

You can add some glow-in-the-dark flower pots which are a new original way to enjoy your outdoor space.

Check it on Amazon

7. Add Something Comfy

Just because you’re outside does not mean you have to feel like you’re outside. The great outdoors are beautiful, but not known for being comfortable! Add some comfort to your patio instead of sticking with hard surfaces or concrete everywhere. Outdoor cushions or pillows, throw blankets, or a colorful outdoor rug are just a few suggestions to get you started!

The more comfortable is your space, the more time you’ll want to spend there.

Trending this year are outdoor loveseats, daybeds and anything comfortable like the zero gravity lounge chair or the floating swing chair.

Check it on Amazon

8. Utilize your Green Thumb

So, maybe you don’t really have a green thumb. No problem; get a few low-maintenance potted plants and set them around the patio. All it takes is a bit of water every few days and your patio will stay fresh and green all summer!

Those will a little more gardening ability can consider doing a small vertical garden on one of the walls around your patio or even a beautiful raised planter bed around the outskirts of the patio. Flowers, veggies, and anything green will add a great touch of life to your patio and make it a very calming place to relax.

Outdoor Living Wall contemporary-patio

9. Swing into Summer with a Hammock

Summer days are not all about parties and barbecues. Sometimes you’re going to want to sit back and chill out. There is nothing better for this than a hammock or hammock swing. You can get one for very little money and mount it on your patio within just a few minutes! Prepare for a whole new level of relaxation.

Washington Property contemporary-patio

10. Bring New Life to Old Things

New outdoor furniture or structure elements might be out of your budget for now. Instead of worrying about that, take your old pieces and make them new again with some fresh paint and repairs.

In no time at all you’ll be staring at a set of new furniture and wondering why you never did this earlier!

Check these 12 Ways to Wake Up your Old Outdoor Furniture.

And remember that seating doesn’t even have to match anymore so have fun with it!

Gardens and Terrace rustic-deck

11. Chill Out with a Fan

Not all summer days are cool and breezy. Some of them are way too hot to enjoy outdoors unless you have some air movement around you. An overhead ceiling fan or a small wall-mounted fan will do the trick. This simple addition might make your space a lot more tolerable at any time or the day.

They can also add a stylish touch to your patio, as well as being useful.

Buckhead Manor mediterranean-porch

12. Make a small (or big!) Water Feature

When you hear “water feature”, you probably think fountains. Although a small fountain is a great touch for patio design, water features can also be things like a small fish pond or a birdbath. All you need is something to attract a little more fun wildlife around your patio and to break up the monotony of only green spaces.

You can even add a waterfall if you have enough space.

Pond in Rydal, Pa eclectic-landscape

Get Started Today!

Now that you have a few ideas about what to do with your patio, don’t delay them any longer. Go outside and set yourself up for a long summer of hanging out on your fantastic patio.

The best time of year is about to start so make sure you get the most pleasure out of it!