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8 Patio Swings That Will Add Comfort to Your Backyard

Did you know that spending more time outdoors has loads of scientifically-proven benefits, from reducing stress to improving physical health? That’s right – and even half an hour in your backyard could help. However, you might not be keen to spend much in your yard if it isn’t a comfortable place to be. Investing in a patio swing is […]

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven – Propane Pizza Oven

Backyard and patio cooking is always a great pastime, especially for those of us who are diehards and even love cooking outside during cold weather. Cool, clean, crisp air combined with the great smell of hot cooked food of any kind is an awesome pairing. So, if you’ve already got your patio set up with a great […]

Uuni 3 Pizza Oven: Best Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven?

You’ve done the traditional tailgater barbecue and it was fun. But everyone is on the act now and you’d like to do something different this football season. What would be a good game day treat for this season? How about cooking real wood-fired pizzas to go along with those ice-cold artisan brews that you’ve packed? It’s so […]

Camp Chef Pizza Oven – Our #1 Choice for Outdoor Pizza Oven in 2017

Patio party coming up? How about making it a pizza patio party?Now we’re talking. Combine the best combination of good friends, good food and a great location and you’re going to create some lasting memories. How would you like to do this without spending a fortune on building a special installation in your backyard or on […]

Best Outside Fire Pits in 2017- Use your Backyard Longer this Fall!

Is there anything more enjoyable than sitting around a fire with friends?According to anthropologists, fire played a significant part in our evolutionary history and was probably central to the socialization of the human species.Moreover, Christopher Lynn has discovered that campfires lower blood pressureSo this is official. Campfires are good for you!Unfortunately, campfires can be a […]

Best Leaf Blower Reviews for 2017 – Our Top 4 Selection

Let’s talk about a love/hate relationship. Yep, something that’s traumatic to many. Of course, I’m talking about a leaf blower. Everyone’s favorite tool to hate.That is, until they use one to move a huge pile of leaves and debris and turn a 4 hour job into one that’s a little over an hour.Then, with a […]

Top 5 Propane Smokers for 2017 – Our Ultimate Selection

When it comes to food smoking, do you picture tender, smoked beef or chicken with a wonderful aroma and taste? Or maybe you envision flaky, smoky fish?That’s the picture that most new comers to smoking envision. But, you can use a smoker for a lot of other foods as well.Like grilling, you can smoke vegetables […]

Best 5 Inflatable Floating Islands for Summer Time Fun in your Pool

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to the summer. I mean REALLY. I know I should be living in the NOW and all that. But 45°F in April, seriously? Rant over.What I really wanted to tell you about today is my new brilliant idea. I’m going to buy an Inflatable floating […]

Best Fire Pit Seating Options – Our Selection for 2017

Spring is the perfect time to clean up outdoors but what about a spring patio makeover too? In this article, we’re going to see how you can spice up your fire pit area whatever your budget is.If you still don’t know why you must have a fire pit area in your backyard, check this article […]

3 Best Wifi Sprinkler Controller Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide for 2017

Getting tired of babysitting your water sprinkler system? It gets a little tiresome to always have to pay attention to your sprinklers, particularly in these dry times we’ve been having.There’s an easier way to handle this while taking advantage of local weather conditions to get more accurate watering. And lower water usage bills.Go wireless. Continue […]

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