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Smart Smoker Review – Are Bluetooth Smokers Worth the Hype?

By / August 18, 2016

Bluetooth smokers – or smart smokers – seem to become more and more popular. We have seen 5 models appear since fall 2015. The significant advantage of a bluetooth smoker is that you can control the whole smoking process from your smartphone or your tablet. They are easy to use, and the applications give you simple […]


Best Electric Smoker Reviews – All you Need to Know

By / June 10, 2016

We often hear reference to the grilling season but what about the smoking season? Smoking your food is an excellent way to add a new dimension to your favorite food’s flavor. People have invented food smokers for this purpose and we are going to see why an electric smoker is an excellent option.


Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews: Why are they so popular?

By / June 6, 2016

Are you ready to up your grilling game?​ Sure, you can give your food a good smoky taste by cooking it on a grill. But if you want the absolute best smoked flavor, a Masterbuilt electric smoker is what you should consider.​You’ve probably already heard about Masterbuilt. It’s one of the top producers of smokers in […]


Bradley Smoker Reviews – Is Bradley a Good Choice?

By / June 1, 2016

So, you’re thinking about buying yourself a smoker. You know you love the taste of smoked foods, but you also know you can’t handle the hassle and mess of a wood-fired smoker.What’s the solution?An electric smoker, of course!But which one?Bradley Smoker makes some of the most popular electric smokers available today. This company has a […]