GoSun Stove Review: The Future of Cooking?

The GoSun stove is using the power of the sun to bake, boil, steam and fry food. In our GoSun stove review, we are going to see why solar cooking is becoming more and more popular and what sets apart GoSun from the competition. 

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The number of people who are becoming aware of the importance of keeping the environment safe and protected is growing every year. This is certainly a positive thing because the level of pollution of soil water and air has reached record high in the last few years. Going Green is a phrase that is frequently used for different events and occasions.

The good news is that there are many different things that each of us can do to protect the nature. Preserving energy and resources is a great idea for starters. Individuals and companies are trying to stay away from nonrenewable energy resources and stick to renewable energy resources because this change brings positive effects on many different levels.

Renewable energy is an energy created from natural processes that are being replenished all the time. This includes the wind, water, tides, and different types of biomass and of course – sunlight!

What is a Solar Cooker?

Preparing food with a solar cooker is an excellent way to cook delicious food and protect Mother Nature. A solar cooker, or sun stove, is a specific type of cooker that relies on sunlight or solar energy to prepare food instead of using gas, electricity or wood.

In many cases, they are used for preparing food outdoors and they are quite popular among campers and backpackers. Besides being entertaining and fun, they are also perfect for situations where people can’t use fuel or start a fire for preparing food. For instance, they can be used safely at the beach or on a boat. 


Solar Dogger

$ 59



$ 799



$ 279


Sport Pro

$ 359



$ 3995

How does a Solar Oven Work?

Solar cooking is actually a simple process. To put it simply, the energy of the sun is gathered to prepare food with the help of a solar cooker. As we have already mentioned there are different types of solar cookers on the market, but they are all following some basic principles.

First of all, sunlight is gathered into solar cookers to provide sufficient amount of solar energy to prepare the food. In most cases, solar cookers rely on a mirror or sets of mirrors to achieve this.

The interior of the cooker is designed in a way that allows the device to use all the heat and light that comes to the solar cooker. In order to achieve this, manufacturers usually use a black surface because as we all know dark colors attract sunlight. These devices come with special vessels that have the ability to use this energy to the maximum.

Different manufacturers use different types of materials for the vessels for better results. The basic goal is to attract heat and light and to keep it inside the cooker. This is the reason why manufacturers use glass, plastic bag and similar materials to cover the device. Every solar stove and solar oven work on the same principles.

Who makes the GoSun Solar Stove?

Patrick Sherwin

Founder and CEO

​Patrick Sherwin has been a solar designer since 2001 and has founded GoSun Stove in 2013.

His vision is to help feed the world and to bolster energy independence and social equality.

Even though there are many manufacturers of solar stoves and solar cookers on the market, there is only a small number of them that have earned the trust of people who enjoy preparing tasty food. One of these companies is GoSun. The GoSun Stove company is a relatively new company that was able to grab the attention of the public thanks to their successful solar cookers and stoves.

They have a team of experienced engineers, designers and managers that have the knowledge, skills and talent to come up with cooking devices that can revolutionize cooking. According to their management, GoSun is all about social equality and energy independence.

The founder of this company spent many months volunteering in different areas of the world where people need help. A few years ago, he has decided to use technological innovations and create relatively inexpensive and energy efficient cooking devices and judging by the reviews, Mr. Sherwin, and his employees are quite successful.

Why should I use a GoSun Stove?

With so many solar stoves on the market, it is natural to ask why you should use a GoSun stove instead of other brands. For starters, GoSun stoves are relatively cheap. As we already said, the company’s goal is to provide affordable cooking devices to the world and profit is not their main objective.

Furthermore, their stoves come with different accessories and special kits for a better cooking experience. In addition, all their solar ovens have a beautiful and modern design.

With the GoSun company, you can rest assured that you have bought a sun stove that includes the latest technological solutions in this field and promotes equality.

Daily Mail                 

Forget about barbecues. This outdoor stove cooks an entire meal in just 10 minutes using nothing but SUNLIGHT.

Elly Zolfagharifard for Mail Online.


Welcome to Grilling 2.0.

Scott Tharler for Maxim.

Watch the GoSun Stove in action:

GoSun Stove Review: which options are available?

People use stoves and grills in different ways and for different purposes and that’s why there are different GoSun products. Our GoSun Stove review will show you the different options which are available at the moment. 

GoSun Sport

  • Close Oven Dimensions: 24 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Oven Volume: 40 oz
  • 1 to 3 people
  • Working Temperature: 200°F to 550°F

GoSun Sport is an efficient solar powered stove that can help you cook a perfect meal in about 20 minutes. This product comes with great features including:

Vacuum Insulation – the vacuum insulation present in this solar stove is beneficial for two reasons. First of all, it maintains the temperature which means it speeds up the cooking process. In addition, it makes it easier for the user to control and use the stove because it keeps the outer surface cold.

No-fuel Stove – just like any other solar cooker, you won’t need any fuel which means the cooking procedure will be clean, cheap and you won’t have to deal with flames.

Portability – this is a portable solar stove which can be assembled in a matter of seconds. When you are not using it, you can easily pack it in a small box and keep it or carry it wherever you want.

Cooking during cloudy weather – the best part is that you are not limited when it comes to the weather. GoSun Sport solar stove will work even when the sky is cloudy. As a matter of fact, you will probably be able to use it regardless of the weather.

With a 2-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and great price, GoSun Sport solar stove is an excellent choice for any person who enjoys outdoor cooking.

Visit website: GoSun Stove

GoSun Sport Pro

The Pro package consists of a GoSun Sport, a padded carrying case and an extra cooking tray so it's even easier to take it with you anywhere.

It's only available at the GoSun website at the moment.

Visit website: GoSun Stove

GoSun Station

The Station has been designed for commercial scale solar cooking and we are not going to review it in details here. It's available on the GoSun website only.

Visit website: GoSun Stove

GoSun Grill

  • Closed Grill Dimensions: 25 x 12.6 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Oven Volume: 246 oz
  • 5 to 8 people
  • Working temperature: 250°F to 425°F

GoSun Grill is another popular cooking device created by GoSun’s expert designers and engineers. It was first released in 2013 and is now going to be released again in an upgraded version. This revolutionary grill will be available this fall and it will provide many interesting and useful features to its users.

No messy carbon residues – this solar grill doesn’t use messy fuel which means that you can easily carry it anywhere you want and clean this grill is as easy as 1,2,3.

Mobility – this solar oven is lightweight and compact so you can carry it on boats, decks, beaches, parks, kitchens and many other places and it won’t cause any inconvenience.

No need to watch the cooking process – there is no chance to get your food burnt with this device. All you need to do is to set the temperature and time and wait for the alarm to buzz.

Healthy food – GoSun Grill cooks the food evenly and thoroughly making the food delicious and nutritious at the same time.

Upgrades – GoSun is currently developing a set of updates and accessories that will make this grill even better. The two features that are expected in the near future are Grill Stand and the opportunity to prepare food at night a feature that will definitely take solar cookers on a different level.

Visit website: GoSun Stove

Our Verdict

A revolutionary product from an ethical company. Expect to hear about GoSun in the near future.

Solar cooking is the future of cooking. With the help of solar stoves, grills, and ovens, people can cook for free because they rely on an energy that is completely free – the power of the sun. By purchasing a solar stove from a reputable company like GoSun, you will be able to prepare food just like you prepare it in your regular home oven because they reach temperatures of up to 550 F (290 C).

In addition, they are completely safe because there is no risk of fire or burning dinner. GoSun stove reviews are mostly positive because they are easy to use, versatile, portable and have a great modern appearance.

Some customers have complained that it takes longer to cook than a regular grill but we feel that it's mostly unfair since a regular grill takes longer to prep and to clean. Plus it's so much easier to carry anywhere and it can be used in places where regular grills are not allowed.

Cooking in a GoSun solar oven is fun, easy, nutritious and natural and the entire process is more enjoyable because you know that you are keeping the environment safe. GoSun solar stoves are perfect for everyday use at picnics, on camping trips, in backyards and many other places and situations.

To find out more about these products, you can go to the official website.

All Images are from GoSunStove.com.

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