Greenworks 2600502 13 Amp Corded Electric Snow Blower Review

So, you're tired of shoveling snow and you're thinking about getting a snow blower? Definitely a good idea! If you want a snow blower that's easy to use, is maintenance free and is good for the environment, then you should consider an electric snow blower.


Electric snow blowers are great because they don't need any gas or oil. They don't give off fumes, and they're quiet. Unlike gas-powered blowers, they don't have a pull cord, and they start right up no matter how cold it is outside.

There are quite a few electric snow blowers on the market today. They all aim to do the same thing, but they're not all created equally. One of the most popular models is the Greenworks 2600502. It's well made, it does an excellent job of clearing snow, and it's budget friendly.

In this review, we'll talk about the features of the 2600502, and we'll answer questions you might have about how it works. We'll also tell you about the pros and cons and where you can find the best price.

If you don't have time to read the whole review, you can click on your most pressing question in the table of contents below.

What are the features of the Greenworks 2600502 snow blower?

Electric Motor:

The Greenworks 2600502 is powered by a 13 amp electric motor. That means no gasoline, no fumes, and no carbon emissions. It's super simple to start. Just push the button and it starts up instantly even in the coldest weather. It's also quiet, and it doesn't vibrate like gas-powered machines do.


This model only weighs about 30 pounds, so it's easy for anyone to clear snow from the driveway or sidewalk. You won't have any trouble getting it up the stairs to clear off your deck or porch, either. And because it's so light, you can hang it up on the wall or from a rafter in your garage when you're not using it.


It's powerful, but it's not big. The dimensions are only 37 x 21.6 x 31 inches.  The compact design means that it's easy to maneuver, and it's easy to transport in your car. It also has a folding handle which makes it easier to pack away.


The 2600502 has a 20-inch clearing width and a 10-inch clearing depth, so you can get the job done quickly. You can use it on snow that's more than 10 inches deep, but you'll need to make a few passes. Just start out with the front raised a little, like you would when you're mowing high grass.

Directional Chute:

An adjustable directional chute allows you to throw the snow where you want it to go. There's a lever on the handle so you can change the direction as you're working. It's able to discharge the snow up to 20 feet away, so you can avoid blowing it back onto your driveway.

Cord Lock:

Managing a long extension cord while you're using the blower can be tricky. Greenworks has added a cord lock to the handle so you don't get tangled up or tripped by the cord. You'll still want to be careful, though, just like you would when you're running a vacuum cleaner.


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  • Corded Electric
    • 20-inch clearing width and a 10-inch clearing depth

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How well does it handle wet snow?

This snow blower can handle any kind of snow. It works best on light fluffy snow, but it is able to clear wet snow, too. You might need to make several passes to get it all. Just take your time and it will work. Even if it takes a little longer than you hoped, it's still a lot better than shoveling!

Watch it in action:

What is the auger made of?

The auger is made of polyethylene plastic. But don't worry. It's not going to wear out or break anytime soon. It's a tough and durable plastic, and the manufacturer backs it up with a 4-year warranty.


Will it scratch the stain off a wood deck?

No. Because the scraper is plastic, it won't damage your deck. This is a big advantage over other snow blowers.


Is the height adjustable?

No, the height is not adjustable. But remember, it has a 10-inch clearance, so you can go over pretty deep snow.


Is this electric snow blower self-propelled?

No, the 2600502 is not self-propelled. You have to push it, but it's light and easy to move.


Can you use it on grass?

Yes, the greenworks snow blower does a great job on grass. It's perfect for clearing an area in the yard for your dog or for making a path through the yard.


Can you use it on a gravel driveway?

Greenworks says that they do not recommend using the snow blower on gravel. It will pick up any loose surface material and throw it. That could damage the blower, and it could hurt nearby people or damage property.


How long is the power cord?

The snow blower comes with a short 12-inch cord. You must plug it into an extension cord to use it. And by the way, you'll want to use a long extension cord that is rated for cold weather so it will stay flexible. You will find one easily at Amazon.


Does this Greenworks snow thrower come assembled?

Not completely. You'll need to install the handles, the discharge chute, and the discharge chute control lever. It's not hard to do if you follow the instructions in the user's manual.


Does this model have a front light?

No, it doesn't have a light. If you want one with a light, you should buy the Greenworks Model 2600202. They are identical except for the light.


What are some advantages of the Greenworks 2600502?

  • Light enough for women and older children to use.
  • You don't have to worry that it won't start up in cold weather.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • Simple operation - plug it in, push the button, and go.
  • Eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered snow blowers.
  • No need to store gasoline or oil for it.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Quiet.

Are there any disadvantages?

  • Not as powerful as a gas-powered snow blower.
  • The gears for rotating the chute will freeze up with enough snow and ice.
  • Easy to eat the power cord and get it all wound up around the auger.
  • Hard to maneuver the blower and the extension cord at the same time.

Where can I buy a Greenworks 2600502?

We checked the price at several retailers including Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, and Sam's Club. None of them could beat Amazon's price.

You can check the current price of the Greenworks snow blower at Amazon here: 

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What kind of warranty does this Greenworks snow blower have?

Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty on materials, parts, and workmanship to the original purchaser with proof of purchase.



The Greenworks 2600502 is an excellent solution for anyone who needs a reliable and painless method of snow removal, but who doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

We like the electric motor that starts up instantly even in cold temperatures. And the fact that it's lightweight and easy for both men and women to use is a big plus.

It's ideal if you live in an area that doesn't get snowfalls over 12 inches. But it is powerful enough to take on deeper snow if need be. It might not have as much power as a gas snow blower, but it sure beats the back-breaking work of shoveling!

The hardest thing you'll have to deal with using this blower is the extension cord. But, if you're careful and take your time, you shouldn't have any problem getting used to it. Also, if you can recruit someone to help you control the cord, it will be a lot easier.

This Greenworks snow thrower earned a rating of 4,4 out of 5 stars at Amazon. It has over 1100  reviews, with the overwhelming majority of users giving it a big thumbs up. We think it's well deserved.

If this sounds like the right snow blower for you, head over to Amazon and grab one for yourself today.

If not, no problem. You can find more models reviewed here.


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  • Corded Electric Snow Blower
  • 20-inch clearing width and a 10-inch clearing depth

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