Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge Review – How Good Is It?

Are you looking for a floating island?

One to lounge away those summer days in the pool with your partner?

Soaking up the rays and sipping on a refreshing drink?

But what if it gets too hot and those rays start to burn?


Look no further. In this article, we review a canopy island that provides the shade you need and holds your drink at the same time. It's the Intex Canopy Island.

We are going to look in details at what you can expect from this floating island and answer all the questions that you might have. We'll take a look at what users have to say about it. Finally, we'll give you our final verdict.

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So what’s so good about the Intex Canopy Island?

  • 2 - Person
  • Detachable Canopy
  • 78" x 59"
  • 2 Built-in Drink Holders

As a two person floating island with a canopy, it's a great option for a couple.

Here's what you can expect to delight in with this product:

    • Luxuriating on a lounge with plenty of room for two adults. And you can stretch your legs too without hanging over the edge
    • Sheltering under the canopy from the hot sun
    • Choosing to boost your tan without the canopy
    • Reclining in the comfortable back rests
    • Unwinding with a drink stored in a handy cup holder
    • Relaxing with the extra safety of the two air chambers
    • Knowing you're safe from floating off because you've tied up using the rope loops on the side

It will take a little effort, though:

    • inflating the island with a pump (about 5 minutes)
    • spending a bit extra for the pump
    • persuading someone to help assemble the canopy
    • reaching a little further than you'd expect to reach your drink in the cup holder

Let’s look in more detail at what you get with this Intex floating island.

How many people does it hold?

This inflatable island with canopy takes two adults with ease.

The weight limit listed on the box is 400 pounds. A customer said he sat with his wife and their two children at the same time without a problem. He did suggest it was taking "family togetherness" too far, though. Some even had four people at the same time. But that's over the top. While you may be having fun at first, it can be a tight squeeze, and the enjoyment may not last long.

What it means is, two adults have plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sun. Even savor a lunch together while lounging the day away. And if you're 6 feet plus tall, your feet won't hang off over the edge when you nod off. Plus the comfortable backrest makes a nap that much easier to take.

How big is the box?

The unit comes in a box sized 33" x 24" x 24" with a weight of 21.95 pounds. That is not a light weight so be careful when you go to lift it.

What's it made of?

The top part you sit on is PVC vinyl. In the sun, you may find the plastic sticks to your skin. But users talk about splashing water on the plastic every so often to avoid that happening.

It's a surprise to find the vinyl on the bottom lined with canvas. The canvas is great value for money. It provides greater protection from abrasion than the vinyl.

Some folks report only using the lounge as a shaded beach bed and don't take it out on the water. Way more comfortable than beach chairs. And protected by the canvas if you drag it across the sand for repositioning.

Can I tie up the Intex floating island?

Yes, you can. The rope and loops on the outer edge allow you to tie up to other objects like a boat, jetty, or even an anchor. Tying up will keep the lounge from floating away or suddenly blow off if there's a wind gust or a breeze. If you tie up to your boat, be aware it's not for towing.

Rather than tie up, you can buy a little 10lb mushroom anchor to keep it in place.

How do you inflate it? Do I need a pump?

Yes, you do need a pump.

But the unit doesn't come with one, so you'll need to have one on hand when you unpack. Something like a portable pump used for an air mattress.

You have to inflate both the top and bottom part. No big deal. You can find the nozzles without a problem.

Intex has a range of pumps you can buy at Amazon. You'll be glad you did as full inflation only takes about 5 minutes. Using a manual pump is harder work and takes 5 minutes or so longer.

Is it easy to deflate?

Some users report that deflating takes about the same amount of time as inflating. You unscrew the valves to let out the air.

Another user was most irate, reporting "Nothing ruins a day at the beach like fighting to get air out." They recommended fitting Boston valves for both valves.

Note you can use your air pump in reverse to speed up deflation.

Where can I use the Intex canopy island?

It's ideal to use in a pool, at the beach, on the lake and a calm spot on the river away from the current. Check it is securely tied on a windy day because the canopy could catch the wind and blow away. The rope and loops on the outer edges are there to tie up.

The canopy can act like a sail, but it's not a sailboat. Avoid using it at the beach if the waves aren't too gentle. And no way should you use it for white water rafting. It's an inflatable lounge not built for that.

Despite this, the Intex island float has a low center of gravity, because of the two air chambers. It means the island is difficult to flip over, even with larger waves. An excellent safety feature. It allows you to enjoy the floating experience without any worries.


Should you deflate every time after use?

No, you don't have to deflate it every day.

When you're using it away from the home pool, you can leave it tethered to the jetty on the lake or the river. But the sea salt can be like chlorine. So best to give it a quick rinse with tap water and leave it out of the water overnight.

How good is the canopy?

The canopy covers half the float and provides good shade. If you keep the sun to your back, you'll get protection over the top half of your body, if that's what you want.

You need to install the canopy, and it will take two people to do so. There are instructions on the box. The rods for the canopy come in 24" sections, so assembly is straightforward. It's as simple as sliding them into each other to make the long pieces needed. But expect the install to take longer than with a tent. It's because you have to push the rods through the material sleeves rather than press clips. A good tip from a customer is to ensure you "start with the longest pole in the front and work down from there."

Once up it's not retractable. So, you can't adjust it to suit your requirements. More an annoyance than a deal-breaker. And while it might need two to install, the canopy is simple to remove. If you take it off, you'll have to break the canopy down for easy storage. And this will take a little time. But why buy a floating island with a canopy if you're not going to use it?

Will it fit in Check-In Luggage?

If the lounge is still in its original box, it will cost you extra. The weight is ok at approximately 22 lb's, but the dimensions are the problem. The airlines add the total outside dimensions of each bag to determine size limits. Length + width + height. At 81 inches the box is way over the 62-inch limit. The extra cost could range from $150 to $250.

Try pressing it into a large suitcase that is within limits. If it fits, remember it will count as one of your complimentary bags. It's best to take the pump as well, so you'll have to make room for that in your other complimentary bag.

What is the best pool size?

The larger your above ground or in-ground pool size, the better. And the larger size is even more important if people are swimming as well.

If you have a 16x30 foot above-ground pool, it'll take about 40% of your pool on the narrow dimension. 16 feet doesn't leave too much room for anyone playing in the water but there's enough.

Are there any downsides?

Users report they'd buy another one of these "floaties for adults" if they have the need. There are many different positive review comments. Like "impressive, relaxing, comfortable, and fun." And "good quality, worth the price, love it."

There a couple of downsides, though. Some reviewers complain about the size and accessibility of the cup holders. There are two cup holders, but they can only hold a can and not with a koozie to keep it cool. They are on the outer rim not at the end of the armrests. You have to stretch to reach them, and they dip into the water when someone walruses into the lounge from the water. A minor irritation, given the fun and relaxation you'll experience throughout the summer.

Other reviewers reported they received an island that didn't stay inflated. Returning and requesting a replacement is simple enough but no doubt is a hassle. The Intex warranty for factory defects is 30 days. That's back in the warehouse in the original packaging. Keep this in mind if you need to replace. Perhaps buy a little earlier to give you enough time to replace it if you have to.

And the Verdict?


  • 2-Person
  • 2 Drink Holders
  • 78" x 59"
  • Detachable Canopy

The Intex Canopy Island is ideal for two adults. It has plenty of room and length to stretch your legs out. Two cup holders are there for your drinks. With comfortable back rests, relaxing and napping are a snap. And the kids can have fun on it too.

If the sun starts to burn, turn the island away from the sun to use the canopy for shade. You can detach the canopy if you don't want any shade.

The two air chambers provide stability in the water. They're made of PVC vinyl. The lower compartment has a canvas bottom for protection from ground surfaces. With a pump, it only takes five minutes to inflate or deflate.

You can use it in the pool, at the beach, on the river or lake. Remember, though. It's only a "floatie." You need to tie it up with the ropes provided. And anything less than a 16-foot pool width will make it too tight for someone swimming in the pool at the same time.

Shipping comes free, but you have to pay for returning a faulty island.

In summary, there is much to enjoy from owning a 2 Seater Intex Inflatable Lounge. 

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