Is your Backyard Ready for Winter?

Comes winter and your backyard gets covered with layers of frost and snow, days become shorter and evenings become darker and colder. Maintaining your entire home and especially your backyard seems a tough challenge since that’s the part that is open and most vulnerable to be affected by the rough temperature changes.

Now, what can be done before and during winter to keep the backyard maintained at all times? Well, read here to find out various tips and ideas to do so and also learn about new gadgets that come in handy to clear off the snow from your fields.

1. Pack up all tools, garden gear and other equipment

Beginning from autumn, you must take all necessary steps to ensure that you have packed up all furniture, garden tables/chairs, tool boxes, mowers, wheel barrows and any other such items from the garden and brought them to a safe and dry place.

Keep them in the storeroom or garage, under the roof away from rain or snow. This will keep your machinery protected from the cold weather and you will find them all in working condition as soon as the spring breeze blows in again. You may need to apply a little machine oil or grease but then, that’s it… no more maintenance cost and effort for that!

Make sure to properly store your furniture by following the instructions at:

2. Clear up the lawn with a rake or blower even before snow falls!

Yes, take my word for it. Keeping the grass, plant beds and lawn cleared of dust, fallen leaves and any other trash really helps for once it snows in winter and all this gets covered then you will not be able to pick up any dried leaves or trash from the ground.

You can do it manually with a rake or just use a leaf blower to do the job. The blower option will be faster and more efficient and you will be able to complete the task in a few minutes time. So if you have one, do take it out once each week (at least) and blow off that trash away from your backyard and collect it in a corner. Fill it up from there in a recycled bag to dispose off properly.

3. Seed weather suitable plants and spray pesticides while you can.

You know winter is approaching and it is ideal to select those seeds for plantation that may be grown in this tough weather. Also, once the snow covers the ground, you will have no chances of spraying pesticides or using fertilizers or manure over the soil; so better take action while you still can!

Take any suitable action while the weather’s still good, this will maintain the pH value of the soil underneath the layer of snow. Many fertilizers and pest control sprays are now available in the market, which are of high quality and they really help to keep the soil as fresh as ever, even the rough weather conditions and the damp snow will not be able to harm the ground soil much.

Check out what you can plant in the fall at

4. Build a storeroom if you don’t already have one!

Many of you may not have a proper sheltered storeroom with a roof top and before winter, it is the best time to plan and lay out the sketch of one such area, preferably at one corner of the open space in the backyard. This place can be most conveniently used for storing any dry seeds, compost bags, any machinery like snow blowers or mowers.

This area may not be vast, but if planned accordingly, can be used to arrange a great number of varied items. Place wooden shelves horizontally over the walls to stack these items or other goods, to keep them dry and safe from the upcoming winter.

Download a FREE shed plan at:

5. Clean the backyard patio, grill and garden tools

Before packing up the smaller items and keeping them in the storeroom, you must take steps to wipe them well with a wet cloth and clean them.

Clean and tidy the patio as mentioned above, the storeroom and any grills or pots of plants that are to remain lying in the garden, and to be covered with snow soon. You can use a pressure washer to do this job, it’s an ideal gadget that will greatly enhance your rate of performance.

Watch how to pressure wash your grill:

Video from Briggs and Stratton

6. Clear up the snow

Once the snow arrives, you will have to remove it to some extent.

There are many ways to clear that up from the backyard, either you can do it manually with a hand shovel, but again that will take more time and effort, or you can use a snow blower to ease off your work and finish it faster.

Two very useful products to remove those layers of snow form the patio or backyard are:

· Snow Wolf Fixed Frame Wheeled Snow Shovel which is an excellent tool that digs in deeply within the snow layers and helps to extract them with much ease – best part is that it is entirely free of noise and maintenance. 

· Snow Joe iON18sb Snow Thrower is the ultimate tool for picking up snow from your backyard, front and porch. Being cordless, it's the most convenient snow blower on the market. It's a very useful and handy gadget for the backyard. 

So you have read all about how to prepare for the winter weather that’s about to come. It is wise to begin now and organize your backyard neatly and properly so as not to be in any trouble afterwards.

To make sure your patio is ready for winter, check Bob Vila's winter checklist.

Manage your time and effort wisely and take appropriate actions to keep this part of your house maintained at all times of the year.

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