Snow Joe SJ620 Review – Snow Joe Ultra Corded Electric Snow Blower

Have you had enough of shoveling snow? Thinking about getting a snow blower to save some time and to save your back?

If so, you'll want to consider the Ultra SJ260, a powerful yet lightweight electric snow blower from Snow Joe. It's not big and noisy like gasoline snow blowers, but it can handle good-sized snowfalls - even the wet kind! It's easy to handle, practically maintenance free, and budget friendly.


In this review, we'll take a look at the features of the SJ260 and answer questions that you might have about how it works. We'll outline the pros and cons and talk about where you can get the best deal on one.

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What are the Features of the Snow Joe Ultra SJ260?

Electric Motor

The SJ260 is powered by a 13.5-amp electric motor. Just plug it into an extension cord and push a button to start it. You'll never have to worry about whether it will start in cold weather.

And because it's electric, that means no gasoline, no oil, and no tune-ups. It's quiet and it's clean - easy on your ears and easy on the environment.


This snow blower has 4 heavy-grade steel rotors that cut a path 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. It's ideal for medium-sized driveways and sidewalks when the snow is 6 to 12 inches deep.

It looks small, but it has a lot of power. It can move up to 650 pounds of snow per minute, so you can clear up to 2,450 square feet per hour. Just imagine how long it would take you to shovel that much snow!

Adjustable Discharge Chute

When you're clearing snow, you need to be able to put it right where you want it. The Snow Joe's adjustable chute lets you do just that.

The chute rotates 180 degrees, so you can control the direction. There's a lever on the handle that you use to turn it, so you don't have to stop to adjust it. You can also change the angle of the chute deflector to control the height and distance of the output.

Easy Handling

Unlike heavy gas-powered snow blowers, the Snow Joe snow blower is a breeze to use. It only weighs 31.5 pounds, so most women can handle it with no problem. Its easy-glide wheels and compact size make it easy to maneuver even in tight spaces.


  • Corded Single Stage Electric
    • Clears snow 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep

Does it come with a power cord?

No, it doesn't. You'll need to buy an extension cord to power the snow blower. You should buy a 50- or 100-foot cold weather extension cord rated at 13 amps or more.

The unit comes with a cord lock hook that keeps the extension cord from disconnecting from the snow blower. This is an important safety feature that you should always use.

Watch it in action:

Is it self-propelled?

No, it's not self-propelled. You have to push it, but as the auger rotates, it does help to move the machine forward. And it's lightweight, so it's not hard for most people to push.


Can I use it on gravel?

The SJ620 is designed to be used on paved surfaces. It will pick up gravel and other loose materials and throw them. This could damage the snow blower and harm the surroundings or nearby people.

If you're going to use it on gravel, you'll have to be very careful. Push down on the handle to raise the scraper up above the gravel so that it won't pick up anything but snow. But, again, it's not designed to be used on gravel, so we don't recommend it.


Can I use it on my deck?

Yes, you can. The auger blades have rubber tips and the scraper is rubber. So, you should be able to use it on a wood deck without doing any damage. It's also light enough to carry up the steps with little effort.


Is it a 2-stage snow blower?

No, it's a single stage. That means that the auger picks up the snow and directs it out the chute all in one motion.


Can it handle packed or wet snow?

The Snow Joe Ultra performs best on light fluffy snow, but it can handle all kinds. You can use it on packed snow and slushy wet snow, but you'll have to go slowly. Sometimes you'll find that wet snow gets clogged up in the chute, so you'll have to stop and unclog it.


Is it easy to assemble?

Yes, it's simple to put together and only takes about 15 minutes. You'll just need to extend the handle and tighten the screws, and attach the chute crank. All of the instructions are in the user's guide.


Does the Snow Joe Snow Blower have a headlight?

No, it doesn't have a light. If you want to have a headlight, you should consider the SJ621. It's identical to the SJ620 except that it comes with a 20-watt halogen light.


How does it compare to the SJ622E and SJ623E models?

The Snow Joe SJ622E and SJ623E are a little more powerful than the SJ620. They have 15 amp motors instead of 13.5 amps. So they can move up to 720 pounds of snow per minute and can throw it up to 25 feet. The clearing width and snow depth cut are the same as the SJ620.

The SJ622E and SJ623E come with a clean out tool to help you unclog the chute. The tool doesn't come with the SJ620, but you can buy one separately for about $10. It clips onto the snow blower handle, so it's convenient to have.

The only difference between the SJ622E and SJ623E is the light. The SJ623E has a halogen headlight, and the SJ622E does not.


What are the pros and cons?

The best way to get a real feel for the advantages and disadvantages of any product is to is to hear from actual users. Here's a summary of what over 600 reviewers on Amazon had to say about the Snow Joe snow blower SJ620:


  • It's lightweight and easy to use.
  • It can go much faster than a gas blower, so you can get the job done in less time.
  • Snowfalls of 4 to 6 inches are easy to clear, and it can handle up to 10 inches if the snow isn't too heavy and wet.
  • You can clear snow deeper than 10 inches if you make two passes.
  • The price is low, but you get a lot of power for the money.
  • It's easy to store in the rafters or you can hang it from a hook.
  • Assembly is quick and easy.
  • You don't need gas or oil, and there are no spark plugs to change.
  • It starts up instantly every time.
  • The directional chute handle works well.
  • It's cheaper to operate than a gas snow blower.
  • The electric motor is quieter than a gas-powered one.
  • It's perfect for patios, decks, and other small areas.


  • The power cord can be a bother.
  • It's not good for deep snow or icy snow.
  • It can only throw the snow 20 feet in good conditions. Heavy snow can't go nearly as far.
  • The directional chute doesn't stay in place very well.
  • The handle is low and can cause backache for tall people.

Where can I buy a Snow Joe SJ620 snow blower?

We found the SJ620 for sale at several online retailers, including the manufacturer's website, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Walmart and Amazon tied for the lowest price.

If you're going to buy online, you want to use a trusted and reliable retailer. That's why we recommend Amazon. They have secure ordering and always honor their return policy.

To find out the current price of the SJ620 at Amazon, click here:

What kind of warranty does it have?

It has a full 2-year warranty on materials and workmanship as long as you're using it only for residential purposes. The warranty doesn't cover parts that wear out, like belts and the auger blades. These parts are replaceable, though, and you can order them from the manufacturer or from Amazon.



If you're looking for an alternative to the heavy, noisy and expensive gas-powered snow blowers, the Snow Joe SJ620 is a great option.

It can handle up to 10 inches of snow at one shot, or even deeper snow if you make a couple of passes. So if you live in an area that gets light to moderate snowfalls, this machine will do the job for you.

The electric motor is a big advantage because it will start up with no effort, no matter how cold it is outside. You won't ever have to mess with gasoline or oil, and there's no aggravating pull cord to deal with.

With its affordable price and 2-year warranty, the Snow Joe snow blower is definitely worth your consideration.

If this sounds like the right snow blower for you, order one today from Amazon so you'll never have to shovel snow again!

If not, you can head over our 5 Best Snow Blower Reviews to find a better model for you.


  • Single Stage Corded Electric 
  • Clears snow 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep
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